Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Shots From the Back 40


  1. That chair has my name written all over it! I could sit there and meditate all day long...well, unless the bugs get really bad! ;)

  2. Gazing - Looking UNTO JESUS - I , like U have a nice back yard - not as big - just an acre but pretty - a blessing for sure - my dad used to read Tozer all the time , I will have to get into him - thx for the pics --

  3. Oh how I pray David that you will be able to stay where you are and enjoy the back forty, ever season of the year!!

    Passing-thru...You can hear actual recordings of Tozer on on line sermons...
    I have down loaded many of them and made them into CDs..PP Terry

  4. Great photos, as usual, Mr. Fisher. I have to say I've been feeling a little down with not having my usual online devotionals every day, but all these posts sure picked me up! Especially when my dad finally looked at the computer yesterday and said he'll have to see when he can find a chance to take it in to the shop, and see if the data can be recovered...and we'll have to pool our money to buy a new one...that means no reguar blog-scotching for a long time yet, and I haven't been on my favorite Pilgrim Pal blogs in ages it seems (a little over a week).
    I hope you feel okay. You've mentioned that when you post a lot it means you aren't doing too well...did Arthur and Bertha call yesterday? Sorry if they did...they must be such a nuisance. I used to get pains in my knee whenever the humidity was high, and I have to say that I was actually thankful, because at least I could relate to all the seniors I know who felt the same way. I think I may have been healed, though, because I haven't had the pain since we went to that spirit-filled congregation. It was a powerful place, I can tell you!

    May God bless your day with His goodness and love!

    the little pilgrim pal