Saturday, November 28, 2009

Statement of Faith

We recently bought the latest CD release by one of our favourite Southern Gospel groups, Legacy Five (pictured). After our 1st "listen" my son Matthew and I agreed upon our favourite song, Statement of Faith.

Here's a YouTube rendition of this incredibly powerful song. The graphics aren't the best and the sound towards the end is not good. Still, your will be blessed by the affirmation of "those things which we believe."

The groups that joined in on this song were Greater Vision, the Hoppers, Legacy Five & the Booth Brothers.

Click here and be blessed.

Here's a comment from another web site concerning this song:

Statement Of Faith

This is the song that features not only Legacy Five but The Hoppers, Greater Vision and The Booth Brothers. It is a very powerful song that has already shown at NQC that the people will love it. I love the addition of the reading at the end by Gerald Wolfe. The Legacy Five guys that were featured on this song, were Scott Howard and Scott Fowler. But the standout moment vocally comes from Jacob Kitson the tenor for Greater Vision. He really sings his line with power. I truly hope these groups will strive to live by the message in this song. And one that I hope people listening to will take on in their own lives.

Pilgrim's Update

Dear Fellow Pilgrims:

Just a brief update to let you know what's been happening to the Pilgrim and how you can pray for him (me).

This week I began my Day Hospital Program at North York General Hospital (pictured) in Toronto. This is a 3-week long program, 5 days a week, designed to assist those who are going through the throes of deep depression. The first week has been very profitable and I'm looking forward to going back on Monday morning. The group sessions have been particularly helpful.

This deep-seated depression has been affecting all parts of my life and our family's lives. Please pray that we will get relief from this dreadful, debilitating disease.

We continue to change my medication in an attempt to find the correct dosage and medicine. Please pray that we will soon find the best meds.

I'm grateful for the support of all my friends. Your comments here and on my Facebook account have been very encouraging and much appreciated. THANK YOU!

Journeying home,


Monday, November 23, 2009

Pilgrims Heading Homeward

While perusing some "old" scribblings I came across a poem written five years ago. The last verse is particularly meaningful as I navigate through the raging waters of depression. Enjoy! We are getting nearer "home" each day.

Here’s that last verse:

The trials endured
As pilgrims heading homeward;
Are temporary and
Will not last too long.
So hand in hand
We’ll cross the final valley;
Eyes fixed on “home”
We sing redemption’s song.

- David W. Fisher (Dec. 13th, 2004)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Book Launch Coming Soon

After much encouragement from many friends, I am compiling some of the most popular and meaningful posts from this Pilgrim Scribblings blog in a forthcoming book.

Naturally the book will be entitled Pilgrim Scibblings with the byline being "Personal Reflections by a Fellow Pilgrim on the Journey Home", just like the blog's heading.

If there is a particular post or posts that have been very meaningful to you, please let me know. If you have time, please click on "older posts" at the bottom of this page and check out some of the earlier posts. Next week we will celebrate our 5th Anniversary of Pilgrim Scribblings. To date there have been over 1850 posts although they have been less frequent of late.

Thank you for your enouragement and your readership over these last 5 years. By God's grace and His enablement we hope to get back to posting on a daily basis.

"The Lord is good..." (Nahum 1:7)

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Hi Julie:

I don't have an e-mail address, phone number or any contact information so I can't get in touch with you. Please e-mail me @ and we will get back to you ASAP.

Please get in touch! We can help! We understand your pain!

Thank you!


Sunday, November 01, 2009

David Fisher - Pilgrim Scribblings

If you got to this particular post from a search engine, click here.

Regular readers of this blog will spot the title of this one and be scratching their heads wondering what on earth this is all about. And it might leave readers on the Alltop aggregator guessing, too.

One thing I’ve never done a lot of on this blog is self-promotion. Unfortunately however, there is a lot more complexity to blogging these days than ever before and some of this involves how search engine web-crawl spiders connect to different parts of the web. It turns out that this blog was missing a post like this one, so I needed to do this at least once. You might want to consider doing something like this on your blog, also. This section will disappear after about five days leaving only the section in black type below.

So… if you’re a regular reader, this isn’t for you…

Now...this one is for our regular Pilgrim Scribblings readers.

Today we had a visit at our church from a fellow blogger and good friend, Paul Wilkinson from over at Thinking Out Loud. His posts are always thought-provoking and we agree on many issues. There are some preachers who we have differing opinions on but I'm sure Paul will come around to my way of thinking sooner or later. Ha! Ha! We have both been involved in Christian bookselling for many years and now we blog together.

I'm anxious to see if Paul writes a post concerning their family's visit to Auburn Bible Chapel this morning. I'll be checking daily to see if he has. I check daily anyway. It's a regular stop along my daily blogging route.

I encourage you to check him/it out too.

Hope your Sunday was a good one and that you met with the King today!