Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Pilgrim Scribe's Journey


The Pilgrim Scribe’s Journey
When I began to write about my journey,
Discerning not the path that I would take;
With pages blank and pen in hand not knowing
The choices and mistakes that I would make.
Each day would be for me a brand new story,
With lines oft’ times too hard for me to share;
But at the end of ev’ry day…assurance,
And knowing that my God was always there.
The trials and pains endured along life’s pathway,
Can fade as I recall the lessons learned;
I often write of times that I have wandered,
And when the voice of God at times I’d spurned.
An old and noble scribe once wisely offered,
“A few bad chapters will not close the book”;
They’re never meant to say your story’s over,
But only trace the path your journey took.
So as you turn another page, dear pilgrim,
And wonder how the tale will finally end;
Remember that the God who walks beside you,
When asked, will peace and comfort always send.
May others read your story and be able
To learn from all the trials that you’ve been through;
And know the Author of your great salvation,
The Faithful One, who’s always good and true.

David Fisher – September 29th, 2015
Revised – January 11, 2022