Monday, June 18, 2007

Now That's a New Slant \ \ \ \

Welcome back to the blogosphere, Paul! We missed you!

Paul Mackay from Still Rambling posted some Father's Day pix today. Paul is a good friend who boards at my mother's house. We consider him family except when it comes time to buy gifts...just kidding!

Paul and I hope to get together real soon for breakfast!

Here's a photo of Paul's siblings and his dad. I don't know who took the photo! I also don't know if the world was tipping when the photo was taken or if the four Mackays were just a little tippy (I doubt that).

Here's Paul, his father Dave, brother Bruce and sister Carol! A great family!

Check out Paul's blog @

Go Bulls Go!

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  1. My brother will be glad to see this post when he gets home later! He has not been able to hop over to Paul Mackay's blog since the computer crashed, and has had to content himself with reading this blog over my shoulder.

    Thank you for posting this!