Monday, October 10, 2011

Nice View

Visitors just dropped by our home for the 1st time and they commented on the great view we have from our front yard.

I've posted pictures here on Pilgrim Scribblings looking out from one of my office windows but after hearing those comments I thought I better take more pictures.

Here's one I took this afternoon, Thanksgiving Day, and it reminded me of something that we can be thankful for...a house with a "nice" view.

We will be putting out home on the real estate market in the next week so we are enjoying our country location while we can.

Thank you, Father, for your provision.


While looking through the archives I found the following Thanksgiving poem.  I had written it to be posted on the American Thanksgiving Day back in 2007 but much of it applies to us here in Canada. Here it is!
Tonight I put a few lines together and called it...
An Atheist's Lament on Thanksgiving Day

How sad it must be to have so much and yet not believe in the God who is the giver of every good and perfect gift. Sad to say, the words of this poem could be true of many people during this Thanksgiving season.

Today I am thankful for friends and great food,
I don't have to work so I'm in a good mood;
Our family will be here and we'll watch the game
We'll be feasting on turkey, it's always the same.
And when it's all over, I've said my "goodbyes"
I'm sick to my stomach, I've got bloodshot eyes;
The bottles are empty and my mind is blank
But saddest of all...I've got no one to thank!
Note: For the believing Christian, Thanksgiving should be one of the most joyous days of the year. The Father has blessed us bountifully and we have so much to praise and thank Him for.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Safely Home

Paul Collet - Brother Beloved
Most people, if they are fortunate enough, have friends who come into their lives and impact them in ways that are unforgettable.

My life-long friend and mentor, Paul Collet, was one of those special people.  Tonight I learned that he is now in the presence of the Lord he loved and served for many, many years.

Paul was a friend who I looked up to when I was a young boy.  He encouraged me to love Jesus and continued to do so until the very end.

A year ago, as a result of failing health, he moved to British Columbia to be cared for by his son Dennis (a life-long friend of mine) and Nancy (his daughter-in-law).

If I was asked to mention one thing about Paul's life it would be..."he was in love with Jesus."

Now he is in the presence of the Lord forever.  What a glorious entrance it must have been!

Good bye, dear friend.  We'll meet again soon.