Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Getting Away

This morning I'm leaving for the day to spend time with my colleagues who serve with Hockey Ministries International here in Ontario. Five of us will get together to pray, plan and play. I'll be leaving tonight to get back to work but the others will stay on 'til tomorrow afternoon. Each year we are given the use of a cottage on a beautiful lake north of here. Please pray that we will have a profitable time. THANK YOU!

Before I go let me leave this verse of a hymn by Charles Wesley with you. May this be my testimony today as I trust the Father:

In want my plentiful supply,
In weakness my almighty power,
In bonds my perfect liberty,
My light in Satan's darkest hour.
My help and stay whene'er I call,
My life in death, my heaven, my all.

May you enjoy His closeness as you walk with Him today!


  1. Blessings to U for today David

    praying that your soul is fed and blessed


  2. Father, I pray that you will infuse their praying with your Holy Spirit, direct their planning and enable their play. May each return to their homes refreshed and refueled thru their time spent with You. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

  3. What a great blog site. Thanks for the spiritual encouragement. I especially like the notion pilgrim scribblings.

  4. Been traveling from Rhode Island to Oklahoma to perform a wedding on Saturday. Stopped in to see passing-thru for lunch. Great time! Hope all are well and praying for you.

  5. Dear Pilgrim Pals:

    I'm back after a quick mini-retreat up at Lake of Bays near Dorset, Ontario. What a beautiful place. We really sensed the presence of God's Spirit as we met. The other 4 guys are continuing to meet today. Thanks for your prayers.

    In His love,


  6. LOL -- theophil !! to all my new friends in here - theophil is a wonderful Christian pastor from R.I. ---

    So when U see him on here - say hello -

  7. Hello Theophil! Glad to meet you! :)

  8. Thx for saying hi to theophil , Pilot Mom---
    I really enjoyed your post on Worry --- as I said before - old truths but how we need to refresh and APPLY them DAILY -----
    I think its 2Kings 7 chapter where one of the kings main men, doubted Elisha and said - even if the windows of heaven opened it could not happen -(the famine and God's promising flour the next day) the poor man did not get to partake but was run over by the crowd --
    HOW IMPORTANT IT IS FOR THE CHRISTIAN TO BELIEVE GOD'S WORD - irregardless of how "things" appear - SO -- your post on "worry" was wonderful -

  9. Hello, Theophil,and Welcome!

    -Lil Pilgrim Pal

  10. Thank you Passing thru.Just today I shared with my missionary friend how there have been times during this period when I have "felt" God was far away. He did not seem to be so close and near to me. However, I had to choose to trust that His promises are true and that He would remain faithful to those promises. Walking by faith is not easy richly rewarding!!!