Sunday, June 03, 2007

Heaven On Earth

Next weekend my son Matthew and I are going to experience a little bit of heaven on earth. Each year we attend the Dan Lane Memorial Concert in Georgetown, Ontario. Greater Vision, my favorite Southern Gospel group, is always the headline attraction. This Saturday, June 9th at 6:00 p.m. Greater Vision and The Triumphant Quartet will be at the Christian Reformed Church in Georgetown.

Tickets are $25.00 each. I can guarantee that this concert will minister to your spirit. These men don't just entertain, they minister powerfully and you will come away refreshed. Please make sure to e-mail me at if you want additional information.
It will be an evening that you will not forget!
Will I see you there, Terry? You'll love it if you can make it!


  1. Good golly wonderful! OK...I admit it...I'm a wee bit envious. Both you and Miss Terry will be there to boot!

    You are spot on...the men from Great Vision are tremendous. Is it Rodney that writes so many of their songs? God has used deeply touch me and minister to me when it was needed most.

    I'll be there with you in my heart. It looks like they have a new CD out...singing hymn.

    Enjoy my friend...and try persuade the guys to come to Southern California. Blessings David!

    Have a great week. Susan

  2. Oh it would be so nice David.
    Gerald has been praying for my dad since they were at Copps in Hamilton a few years back.
    He signed a picture of the group. "To Cecil, and Dad has it hanging up on the wall right beside him on his big chair in the TV room.
    When I gave it to Dad a few years ago, I told him, "Dad, this young man is praying for you!".
    We saw the "Triumphant Quartet a few weeks ago at Mohawk College in Hamilton.
    They are so good!
    Our Sunday School picnic is next week.
    It is such a hard decision to make.
    Maybe I will talk to Bernie and Betty about this.
    I knew the group was coming in June, David but I never knew that it was so soon!!
    So tempting to come..
    As ususal Southern Gospel tickets are so cheap to buy!!
    Greater Vision is my favorite group too!
    Aren't they Julie's favorite also?
    Thanks for telling me Pigrim David...I will have to think on this one!...from PP Terry

  3. Hi Kindred spirit!!
    We were writng our hero at the same time, eh?

    How are you doing?
    Are you going to join the Pilgrim Pals blog?
    I hope so!!!
    Keep watching your mail!
    Canadian mail is very slow!!...Love Terry

  4. I can't believe so many people are on here in the middle of the night! Anyway, as soon as I read Greater Vision on that blog, I thought, "I know who's commented here!" and sure enough, there was Mrs. Shirkie! You guys have got my curiosity up so much, I think I'll check out their tunes some time. I don't think I've ever listened to Southern Gospel...oh, yes, we do have a CD from my aunt lying around here, I'll have to see if they are on there. Enjoy the concert, Mr.Fisher, and whoever other Pilgrim Pals go there!

  5. Oh Hebrews 11:1..You just have to listen to that CD!
    Rodney Griffin has won the favoritie Southern Gospel song writer for the last nine years, and his songs are well worth listening to.

    My favorite of his is. "I Asked Him For Water, He Gave Me The Well" and "My Name Is Lazarus".
    Oh I don't think that the boss will mind, 'Lil Pigrim, I just have to write out the words to Lazarus. It touches my heart so much.

    "One day, four men brought a crippled man to Jesus.
    Still and lifeless, he lay upon his bed.
    He had not moved since he was just a baby,
    Still he longed to become a normal man.

    Now we don't know much about the men that carried
    The corners of his tattered bed that day,
    But if we may create an illustration
    We'll see what these men might have had to say.

    Suppose the first man said,"I hate to doubt it,
    For Jesus touched my eyes when I was blind
    He made me see and there's no doubt about it,
    But this man's needs are more serious than mine!"

    Suppose the second man said, "No need to bother.
    This man's condition will remain the same.
    Though Jesus touched my hand when it was withered,
    I don't believe He could heal a man so lame!"

    Suppose the third man said, "I hate to question.
    But no one here is more skeptical than me.
    Though Jeusus cleansed me when I was a leper,
    This helpless man will never walk, you see!"

    Then, every eye was turned to the fourth man
    To see how he might criticize and doubt
    But all three men were startled with amazement
    When that fourth man stopped and said his name out loud.

    He said, "My name is Lazarus, could I testify?
    My name is Lazarus, it feels good to be alive!
    When I, in chains of death was bound,
    This man named Jesus called me out.
    If you think your little problem is too big for Him to solve,
    Take it from the one who's heard the mighty voice of God
    A living testimony of his death-defying touch, my name is Lazarus!"

    The last part of this song, they sing over and over Hebrews 11:1 and it is so powerful!!

    I have said too much already!!...From Pilgrim Pal Terry

    Oh!! Hi Pigrim David!!

  6. Nice song...I like all kinds of music, I mean not just one, but certainly not ALL. I get very easily disturbed at the "contemporary Christian" music I hear when it sounds so much like pop or rock, even if some of the songs have great words. I used to listen to the local Christian radio station during their 15 min. of music just to record some songs I liked, then play them while I worked until I knew the tune by heart, copy the words off the net, and record over it. Some of the songs I kept, but a lot I regret doing so, because it certainly grows on one, and I find sometimes I sing in a "pop" way like the singers I've listened to, which is terrible. You knwo, your littel Montreal girl has the voice of an angel, according to one of our friends, and I certainly think she's really good, too. She just can't stay in the right key all the time. She'll go up a few keys in the same song if I don't lsiten closely, and tell her to come down! You should have heard us when we practised with another family to sing songs for the elderly...that was so fun, and I look forward to it again. Those poor elderly people we one place I felt like socking the caretakers because they were so mean to their patients RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, and this was a hospice! It gets me angry every time I think of it, or talk about it with someone.
    Okay, I think I said enough, too! Oh, and I don't know where you are tuned it to hear the game, but if you listen on Westwood One they do a great job (that's who I listen to when I'm not "working my brain" and listening in French), or you can listen to the real locals on the Team 1200's web site. I don't recommend the station I listen to because of their ads. I always flip to Wild Country during ad break, or scroll the FM dial hoping to hear "Keep Holdin' On" because I could listen to that pop song forever. It reminds me of an old friend AND it sounds like a good song for the play-offs, too!

    Oh, right, HI, Mr. Fisher! I guess I should have written Mrs. Shirkie on her own blog, right?!

    the little praying pilgrim pal, who hopes that praying for the teams IS a valid excercise...

  7. HEY .... I'm going to that concert.... with mom and dad....

    Can't wait....

    Save me a seat....!

    oh wait.. you sit in the front don't you?? never mind...I'm baptist.. and can't bring myself to sit anywhere NEAR the front!!

    see you there brother!!!