Thursday, March 30, 2006

Books, Books and More Books

I've always dreamed of having a library with floor to ceiling shelves filled with the old classics. A guy can dream can't he! Maybe some day...

Debra, for the great picture! Debra's blog is one of the best in cyberspace. Be sure to check it out! Go it now...before you forget! You'll be glad you did! Add it to your favorites list!

P. S. Wayno...if you kept all those books you give away, your library would look like this!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sometimes God Is Gray

In response to my Attractive Drabness series, my friend Deborah Peel sent me some photos that she called drab. She didn't include the word attractive but these shots demonstrate the fact that even gray can be "of God" when it is His creation.

Our lives aren't always gorgeous hues of violet and rose. Often they are black and blue with tinges of gray.

Thanks, Deborah, for sending along these pictures.

Yes, sometimes God is gray but God is ALWAYS great!

Friday, March 24, 2006

A Wanna-Be Hoopster

Our son Matthew (10) deals with with a high-functioning form of autism called Asperger's Syndrome so the following account by my friend Greg Asimakoupoulos of this true, feel-good story really hit home. Thanks, Greg!

Note: I just learned from Greg today (Sunday, March 26th) that he has a 6-year-old nephew with Asperger's Syndrome.

Here's his poem:

A special needs student,
he dreamed of the day
his coach would say “Jason,
it’s your turn to play.”

But Jason McIlwain
was hardly convinced
his dream would be realized.
He sat on the bench.

While dressed in his street clothes
as managers are,
this wanna-be hoopster
was hardly a star.

He gave the team water.
He handed out towels.
He cheered for his teammates
and protested fouls.

Autistic and awkward,
and often left out,
young Jason refused
to get angry or pout.

He did as requested
and honored his team.
But never gave up
on his unlikely dream.

And then came the last game
and out of the blue
the coach said, “Suit up, son.
Tonight’s game’s for you.”

He sat with his teammates
all beaming with pride.
His team dominated.
Their lead was quite wide.

Just then he heard “Jason,
it’s your turn. You’re in!
You’re part of the team
so go share in our win.”

Good Lord, it was magic
as everyone screamed.
This special needs student
was living his dream.

In the space of four minutes,
he scored twenty points.
The grandstands went wild.
Every fan in the joint

knew Jason was gifted.
The whole crowd agreed
that labels are lethal
when you've special needs.

To be called autistic,
you're thought of as odd.
You're misjudged as if
you've been orphaned by God.

How hurtful. How stupid.
How wrong can folks be.
Quite often these kids
are much smarter than we.

From Jason McIlwain
we all have been shown...
You can't judge another
by what he's most known.

Within every person
God's image is seen.
So why don't we help them
discover their dreams?

- taken from

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tarpon Springs

Greetings from Tarpon Springs, FL! I've just spoken in my final Baseball Chapel service and enjoyed a wonderful meal at Tom & Caren Tucker's home! Tom is the long-time chapel leader for the Dunedin Blue Jays!

Wayne, here's another post for you to read. Thanks for breakfast this morning at Perkins!

- David

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weary Pilgrims

It's hard to believe that 2 months have passed since we made our long-awaited pilgrimmage to Disney World.

Here's Carol, Nathan, Victoria, Matthew and David at Sea World.

I'm glad the photo is dark! It hides the bags under our eyes.

Now The Day Is Over

The evening sky, looking west from our front yard in Cavan, reminded me of a poem/song I learned as a young boy:

Now the day is over,
Night is drawing nigh;
Shadows of the evening
Steal across the sky!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


"What's a URM?", you ask! It's the Ultimate Role Model. We know that only Jesus Himself is the "ultimate" role model but one of His followers, Mike Fisher, is a pretty good one. What's there NOT to like about this guy? How do you think he made this little kid feel? Like a million bucks, I bet.

You make us proud, Mike! Keep letting His light shine through you!

Uncle David

P. S. I guess for all you Maple Leaf fans out there, there might be something NOT to like. He's always at the top of his game when these rivals meet.