Friday, February 20, 2015

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My posts here have been very sporadic for the past year.  This Pilgrim Scribblings blog with over 2,000 posts will always be available and I will continue to post things from time to time

In the meantime please check out my Facebook page which I update on a daily basis.

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Thank you for checking in from time to time and may God bless you as you journey through life as a fellow pilgrim.

David W. Fisher

HOPE...An Anchor for the Soul

A good friend shared the following insights with me recently.  Very profound!  Very true!

No need to despair. We know how it'll all end. God's on our side; we're on His; He can't lose. Now is not the time to surrender the battlefield to His enemy. Now is not the time to give up on those still embroiled in the battle. God's victory is ours. Ours to share. Hope of, and faith in, that victory is a powerful weapon against His enemy. 

Hope and faith infuriate God's enemy because he knows their power. The enemy will always seek to extinguish it in its infancy, because it will overwhelm him when it catches fully amongst God's children. Those of us who have faith and trust in God's victory are called on, not to rest lazily in our blessed assurance, but to fan the flames of hope and faith. To beat back the enemy who would dare extinguish the first flickerings of it in the darkest places. 

We need to wield those powerful weapons of hope and faith on behalf of those who have yet to confidently lay claim to their share of God's victory. Hard as it is, and hard as it may yet be, to surrender our hope and faith is to drop two of the most powerful weapons we have against God's enemy. God can't lose, but we can. We must be committed to leaving none on the battlefield.