Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Deep Thinker

Here's a great photo of a good friend of mine, Tim Coles. Tim is presently in B.C. at an Arrow Leadership conference.

I've written fondly about Tim before. He is the Executive Director of Kawartha Youth for Christ or Youth Unlimited as it is called now.

It's above Tim's desk that the following statement shouts out to anyone who will see and listen:


Have a great time away, Tim. You'll have a lot to teach me when you return. Coffee next week, O.K.?
Check out Tim's blog!

1 comment:

  1. That Tim guy looks like he is the type that likes Macdonalds coffee Mr. David!!
    He is not the Tim Horton's type of guy at all!!
    No siree!!
    You had better take him to the Macs, where all the action is!!
    The big plus is that the coffee is cheaper and that the second cup is FREE!
    ...from PP Terry