Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Square Quotes

I've been visiting and enjoying Tim Challies' blog for many years and I've often used the quotes he includes at the bottom of his posts. The quotes and the graphics are excellent.

On Tim's blog www.challies.com he posted the following, today:

"Several years ago Jules Koblun and I began to create graphics together. I would find an inspirational quote and she would use her graphic design skills to set it atop an image. Over the years we’ve created nearly 1500 of these quote graphics, covering a wide range of topics. I expect you’ve seen them embedded in the daily A La Carte posts and shared through social media.

Over the years I’ve had many requests for the definitive collection, so have finally assembled all these graphics at a new site, SquareQuotes.church. There you can find quote graphics by categories, keywords, or search. Once you’ve found them you can browse them, download them, or order prints on paper, canvas, or even metal. I’ve ordered several of these myself and can attest that the production quality is top-notch. If you’re after a quote on just about any topic relevant to Christians, I expect you’ll find something there! (Note: any costs are for printing only; I do not earn any profit from these graphics.)"

David's note: Check out these amazing quotes at this site: www.SquareQuotes.church