Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sheila Walsh

Cindy over at Notes in the Key of Life gets the wonderful opportunity to interview some pretty significant guests in her position at the radio station in Rockford, IL.

She recently interviewed Sheila Walsh, one of my favorite writers. Sheila is so honest and transparent in her books. They are so refreshing! She has had her struggles and shares them with others, hoping to help them in their pilgrim journey.

Here's a quote from Sheila that Cindy included on her blog:

"I discovered what it's like to face the end of your dreams but begin to discover perhaps what you've been looking for all your life - which is a relationship with Jesus Christ, based on nothing I brought to the table."

Good stuff! Why do we always have to have our own agenda? Why do I?


  1. yes on the agenda thing ----

    I am seeing that more also -- Christ only and that is more than sufficient , it's always been Christ and my witnessing or Christ and my church but HE wants me to find HIM as My Lord and My God and to find my "Rest" in HIM ALONE , HE bids me to come and rest in HIM

  2. Thanks for the mention, David! I really enjoyed talking with Sheila.

    People can check out the interview and hear soundclips here: