Wildlife Photo Gallery

Thank you for checking out some of my wildlife photos. I'm a fledgling amateur when it comes to photography but...it's such a relaxing pastime. I'm slowly learning as I go. Carol and I enjoyed being outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic, viewing God's incredible creation. Now that most of the COVID scare has passed, we spend much of our time in search of the illusive birds that we're trying to capture on camera. I hope you enjoy these shots. I will be adding photos to this gallery as I get the opportunity. - David




  1. These are beautiful pictures! I didn't know you had red cardinals where you are. We don't have them here in Washington but we do have Steller's Jays which most of us call bluejays. They are beautiful but are as loud as cross and not afraid of anything. If I had to give just one word for them besides annoying it would be persistent.
    My grandson is going to love those pictures of those turtles. I wonder what they are called.

    1. Lori, please send me your e-mail address to our home e-mail at dwfisher@nexicom.net and I'll tell you about the turtles. God bless you my friend.