Friday, June 22, 2007

Lost My Head

Now I've lost my head...oops...I mean my header. I've been having trouble with my blog and now the header has disappeared. Pilgrim Scribblings went on its own pilgrimage.

Does anybody out there know how to help? If I don't get the header up and running again I might just lose my head.

This morning I had an MRI on my head. My doctor wants to see what's causing my hearing loss. There's a 40% loss in my left ear. The other one is all right...pun intended. My ear, nose and throat specialist wants to see if there's a greater problem in my head. Maybe there's nothing in there.

Anyhow, it's been a hectic day but the weekend is here and the boys and I are going away tomorrow and staying overnight in a motel with a pool. We're looking forward to celebrating the end of another school year.

God is good and we have much to praise Him for!



  1. Sorry about puter acting up , not much good at fixing these things

    Will keep U in constant prayer about your health , David ---
    Your my buddy in Christ -

    Really relax and enjoy all this weekend has for U - RELAX ? - LOL with 2 full of energy boys --

    Remember my friend - "HE has your name engraved on HIS PALMS" your "goings ins and outs" are already KNOWN to HIM ---

  2. Wish I knew how to help you with the blog header....maybe part of the code got accidently erased? Hope you enjoy your weekend. Been praying for you and wanted you to know. Hubby here is still recovering from open heart surgery. We send hugs!

  3. Okay if you want to swat me upside the head...that's okay...but I want to start at the basics. I presume that you've switched over to the new blogger?

    If so...have you done the basics? Done into the template, the Page Elements tab, select "add a page element" from the menu bar at the bottom, select insert a picture (from your computer or on line). From there you can drop and drag it to where you want it on your blog.

    I know, I know...I'm delving into the basics...but it always good to start at the beginning.

    If I may be of assistance in any way kind sir...please let me know. I only wish that I could have some answers for your hearing. That will have to be left up to God...and His healing hand upon your body.

    Blessings dear one. Susan