Friday, June 08, 2007

Making Deposits

Yesterday I was one of the adult chaperones who accompanied Matthew and his grade 6 class at Rhema Christian School to the Toronto Blue Jays' game. It was a beautiful day for a ballgame but the roof at the Rogers Center was closed. Our seats were in the nosebleed section and we hadn't even thought of the fact that Matthew has a fear of heights. He just couldn't climb the stairs to take him to his seat.

I knew that I'd be able to get field levels seats through contacts I have with the ballclub. Matthew and a friend went with me back to the media gate. While they waited there I went down to the clubhouse and asked Reg Gaskin, the security man at the clubhouse door, to get Kevin Malloy, the Jays' clubhouse manager for me. He asked what I needed and in a few minutes I had tickets for three great seats in hand.

Earlier I had dropped by the visitors' clubhouse to see Tom Foley (pictured), the 3rd base coach for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. We had a good visit and when I left Tom said, "thanks so much for coming down to see me. It really meant a lot!"

Looking back on the day I was thinking how I had benefited from the deposits I had made into the life bank of so many friends in the baseball world. We don't forge friendships for what we can get by any means but when "push comes to shove" and we are in a situation like Matthew and I were yesterday, those friendships we have nurtured can "help in times of need".

When we need to make a withdrawal from those life banks, it's good to know that there's a significant balance on account that we can draw against.

Are you making meaningful deposits into the lives of others? Are you coming alongside them to bless and encourage? A card sent in the mail, a pat on the back, a phone message left with a struggling friend to let him/her know that you care...all these gestures of love and kindness are building a balance in your life bank.

Let's make a deposit today in the life of a friend!

Thanks, Kevin! Good to see you, Tom!


  1. COOL! He's from don't know how many famous relatives I have there! Not that I care a thing about baseball since the Expos left, and the whole steroid isssue...but it is nonetheless interesting to read about someone from Miami. Have you been down there, Mr. Fisher? The food is so good down there, well, it's not healthy maybe, but it tastes good! The sad thing is that there is so much spiriual captivity, I find. When I was last there in 2003, I had such a burden and heaviness on me to pray for the people that every night I fell asleep interceeding for them. It was quite an experience.

    the lil pilgrim pal

  2. Never mind 'lil pilgrim pal!
    I never liked hockey either ever since they got all of those teams.
    We were only used to six!
    Then the boss got us all interested in the Senators.
    Look at Little Montreal Girl, she even became traitor to her own team, The Buffalo Sabres and cheered and not only cheered but PRAYED for that Mike Fisher and the Sens!!
    If we keep reading Pilgrim David's posts than I am afraid the next thing we will be following ia baseball!!

    I am so thankful that he isn't interested in curling!
    B o r i n g!!!!!! from Pilgrim Pal, Terry

  3. now Terry,
    what wrong with curling, that's kindof cool to watch!

  4. Dear Jel...B o r i n g !!!!!
    Love Terry

  5. Enjoyed very much this post - much truth to it - a kind word or a smile , specially with the witness of Christ for them , yes , these are deposits and we all benefit from times when we need a "familiar" face in the crowd - a good post indeed ----------