Sunday, June 10, 2007

Greater Vision

Every year for the last five (5) years my favorite Southern Gospel group, Greater Vision, visits Georgetown, Ontario for the Dan Lane Memorial Concert. Dan, son of Gary and Cathy Lane, succombed to cancer several years ago after a valiant battle. Greater Vision were particularly instrumental in Dan's life during the last year or so of his sojourn here.

Last night I sat in my usual seat, the 2nd row back...on the aisle...and was ministered to by Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin and Jason Waldroup (pictured).

Being a piano player myself I always enjoy those moments when Gerald sits down at his keyboard and plays an old hymn (below).

Joining Greater Vision last night were another favorite group of mine, Triumphant Quartet. They did a number entitled He Is where they went from Genesis to Revelation, naming each book and signifying how Christ was portrayed in the book. For example, in Ruth His is the Kinsman Redeemer. What a powerful song!

As always, I was blessed beyond measure! I needed to just sit there and soak in the presence of Jesus and be moved by the music.


  1. GOOD STUFF - am glad for U and yours ---- was hoping U would be refreshed --------- good stuff - God blessed singing of the Greatness of His Christ , stirs the passion within us ------ good stuff --------------

  2. A foretaste of the singing we will enjoy once we are Home! What excites me is I will FINALLY be able to carry a tune! LOL!

  3. Oh David...I was thinking of you and Carol and Paul and just knowing that you would be refreshed!
    I just wish that Betty and Bernie and I could have gone too.
    "Triumphant Quartet" IS good.
    That little Gary guy used to sing with the Wiburns and I think that red headed pianist was their piano player.

    You are so right Pilot-mom!
    That singing IS a fortaste of what the rejoicing will be like in heaven and just to think, we will all be there together!!...Love Terry

  4. Glad you enjoyed your time! I've never been to a concert before...well, Paul Wilbur did sing some songs at the conference I went to, and that was amazing, but I think we all wanted to sing the rest of the night, rather than listen to the speakers, although they were great, too! When I have better internet time I will look up Greater Vision and hear some of their music, hopefully. You know when we went to the Chrsitian book store a week ago, my sister went over to the music corner just to see if there was any Greater Vision CD's! No, there weren't, but you have her curiosity up, too. She's got a Southern Gospel Acapella CD that she plays every evening when it's her turn to wash dishes...does she ever drive us crazy, but we put up with it anyway!