Sunday, June 24, 2007

Having Fun

The boys and I are enjoying our time away. We've decided to stay an extra night. I'm at our son Tim's house now and I'm using his laptop to post this note.

This morning we went to Josiah's (our grandson) final ball hockey game at 8:00 o'clock. Sadly, they lost.

Please forgive me for not attending church this morning. The Lord already has!

Thanks for your prayers and your encouragement.



  1. Well David Fisher...I never went to morning meeting today either..
    Hope you watched your face good though when you went to that ball game.
    We can't have two pilgrim pals with faces all smashed to smithereens!!!
    It would NOT be a pretty sight!!..From Terry

  2. I was thinking...that is an odd hour for a post...why isn't he in church? and then I read you hadn't gone. :) I should have been on here at that hour and I could have had some company with 2 pilgrim pals home from church. We had a great meeting last night.

    From,the little pilgrim pal