Saturday, June 30, 2007

Goodbye June

Saija, over at Thro' A Glass Darkly, always has such great photos on her blog. Here's another one!

Everything is sooooo green these days although we do need some rain.

I hate to say "goodbye" to the month of June but, as I write, there are only 45 minutes left here in the Eastern time zone until July makes her entrance and June is history.

The summer months fly past...way too fast! I wish we could have those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer again when time stands still. But it doesn't!

Hope you have a great summer, dear friends!

Tomorrow is Canada Day north of the border. We will be celebrating Canada's 140th birthday (I think).

On Wednesday we will be south of the border and will join our American friends in celebrating the 4th of July.

Good night, friends! Rest in God's gentle embrace! He holds you in the hollow of His hands!

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  1. Happy Canada Day!

    hope you and the fam are blessed!!