Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hoops Hoopla

This morning we had a baptismal service at Auburn Bible Chapel. Someone should have thought to place boxes of tissues throughout the sanctuary. There weren't too may dry eyes. In all, five young people followed the Lord's command in the ordinance of believer's baptism.

Two of the teens were from members of our congregation. One young boy (9 years old, I think) is the son of a couple who recently began attending Auburn. He wants to be a pastor when he grows up.

Scott, one of the older ones who was baptized came to faith in Christ through the lifestyle witness of our youth pastor, Jeff Pascoe. Jeff, and others from our church, are involved in an outreach to unchurched youth through a baskerball program, Hoops, in local high schools. That's where Jeff and Scott connected. They have similar interests and there was something about Jeff that attracted Scott to him and ultimately to Christ. As Scott sat on a stool and shared deeply from his heart, many people were visibly moved.

Scott has been helping Jeff with the youth groups and has grown incredibly, in the Lord, since coming to Christ. His honesty, transparency and passion to know God are so refreshing!

My brother and sister-in-law, Jim and Karen, have been providing a place for Scott and his mom in their home and Scott was not remiss in thanking them for their support, encouragement and the portrayal of what a true, Christian marriage is all about.

As each young person came up from the waters of baptism, the congregation cheered or applauded. I'm such a reserved, quiet guy but this morning was a time to celebrate and we did!
What a powerful service! What a mighty God who has secured the allegiance of these young people.


Note: Here's a picture of Scott reading a note of encouragement from our granddaughter, Victoria. The young people were challenged (and urged) to write note of encouragement to Scott to help him along in his new walk with Christ.

We love you Scott! Don't ever be afraid to shed a tear...for the Lord.


  1. GOOD STUFF ------- those baptismal services -------- does alot for the church and the candidate -

    Thanks for sharing ------

    Now we can remember Scott -

  2. Dear David...I have always loved to attend bapisms.
    It makes me think back to the day that I was bapitised and it puts into my heart a purpose to be be as fervent I was in the first days that I was saved... to live for the Lord better.
    My mom and Betty and I were bapised at the Ottawa River Road Gospel Hall in 1968.
    We were saved in June of '67 at special gospel meetings with Fred Holder and Murray M'cleod.
    At that time there were 10 people that were saved.

    Reading about these five young people being bapised, David has brought back good memories to me

    Such a good post Pilgrim David, as usual.Thanks....from PP Terry

  3. I loved this post!