Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Sun Is Slowly Slipping

Here's another of Ruth Graham Bell's many poems. She wrote, "It won't be long!" Now she's home!

Thanks for the memories!
Thanks for the legacy!
Thanks for supporting Billy for so long!
Thanks for the ministries that your children are involved with!
We will miss you!

Note: Click on poem so you can read it better!


  1. This great passage of "life" - ships passing in the night ---

    Thanks be to GOD for the LIGHTHOUSE

    "Eye has not seen nor ear heard" can we allow ourselves to "dream" of such things - Grand Reunions, Glorious Mornings , yes, brother , David , A setting Sunset - think of all the "saints" we have seen pass this way already ! Waiting are they to greet them that follow - GRAND REUNION INDEED !

  2. Dear David..When I saw this just now, I have so many tears in my eyes of the good times I had for three years at Katy's.
    You would think that I would be over it by now but I am not;
    I thought I was but I am not!

    How I would just love to be there at sunset again , sitting quietly with Katy and watching the fire flies flashing and twinkling in the night....from Terry