Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Green III

A month or two ago I posted several articles which I entitled Green and Green Again. Here's a beautiful photo from Rebecca Stark at Rebecca Writes. I believe that her son Andrew gets the credit for taking this incredible shot. Look at that green water though.

Rebecca comments, "What makes the water in some lakes green? There’s a white layer of sediment on the bottom, which makes the water appear to be a brilliant greenish blue when the sun shines on it. Technically, this sediment is called
marl, which is made up of clay and fine-grained fragments of decomposed shells."

As I've said before, I'm not a free hugger, a whale saver or a card-carrying environmentalist but I love the green that God has created! Let's preserve what He has made because He made it "good".

Check out the link at the right for Rebecca Writes. She always has thought-provoking or picture-perfect posts.


  1. Dear David...I remember those nice green posts that you made.
    Green is Pilot-mom's favorite color.

    I never did know why the water is sometimes green.
    This really explains it good!

    You know most of the time the water is blue.
    THAT is my favorite color David!
    Are you going to do some "blue" posts?
    And not the kind about your feeling blue because of the Senators either!...from Pilgrim pal, Terry

  2. Oh my! Terry, I am so surprised you remember that! Have I posted so many times about how green is my favorite color?

    You are a friend who notices details, that's for sure! :)