Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Lingering Lyrics

One of life's many blessings, that I'm so grateful for, is the fact that the lyrics of many old hymns are stored in my mind and I can recall them when needed.

Often I find myself quoting these lyrics in my mind or...vocally. When I get up in the middle of the night there are often hymn or gospel song lyrics going through my mind. As I said above, this is such a blessing that I thank God for. Often they are lyrics that I haven't read, heard or sung for many years.
Lately the lyrics of the chorus of the song "Why?" written by a man who I knew and loved, John M. Moore, were such a blessing.
"All my iniquities on him were laid;
He nailed them all to the tree.
Jesus, the debt of my sin fully paid,
He paid the ransom for me."
The truth that Jesus was my Substitute, my Sin-Bearer and my Saviour when he bore my sins (which were many) on the cross at Calvary thrills my heart.

My Advocate, My Provider and My Testimony

                    I'm so grateful for God's provision for my every need!