Monday, June 18, 2007

Rated "R"

I can almost guarantee you that there are most Calvinists than Arminians out there in the blogging world. If you don't agree, count them. I dare you! By the way, to clarify things, those who adhere to a Reformed theology would be classified as Calvinists. Usually!

As for me, I'll settle for being an evangelical Christian who has been shaped by the Word of God and the writings of both Calvinists and Arminians. The refreshing thing about this whole debate is that I've been influenced by writers that love Jesus and I'm not sure where they stand on the matter.

Anyhow, I would say that the majority of the sites I link to would have a Calvinistic bent to them.

I bet if I posted this R rating on Pilgrim Scribblings I'd lose some of my readers. So, friends, I'll just continue to journal my journey and scribble my slow sanctification and let the TULIPS bloom in the garden.

There, you don't know where I stand!



    hmmm , Let's see - U stand by the WORD of GOD , OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS - ok -- The Scarlet Thread of THE BLOOD for Atonement/Old and NEW -- ok - SAVED by CHRIST ALONE thru HIS MERIT , yes I have heard U declare these truths , hmmm SANCTIFICATION , the process of making Holy , positional and experiential by and thru Christ and The Holy Spirit , The Comforter that came to the New Testament Church - YES BROTHER DAVID -- your right on Calvinism/Armenism -- let's take a count - I , for one - ENJOY the SOLID FOUNDATION of THE TRUTHS that U aspire to ------ so the praise for U and this blog site goes to The Lord Jesus Christ --

  2. Great post - I appreciate the humility I read in it.

  3. Well said. I don't know that I've disagreed with anthing you've ever written as long as I've been reading...although I'm sure something is bound to come up one day!

    The Little Pilgrim Pal