Friday, June 15, 2007

Making S'mores

Tonight we had the bonfire back in the "back 40" that I had promised the boys earlier in the week. They always enjoy making s'mores so we had a feast tonight.

There was a big crowd down there tonight. Victoria, our 14-year-old granddaughter who lives with us, was away with her youth group on an overnight retreat but we still have a houseful of people tonight.

Here's a picture of some of the ones that will be bunking down here tonight.

From left to right there is: Tamara, a young woman with special needs who lives with us, Candace, sitting down, Nathan, our grandson Jack, Matthew, Carol and Chasity. Candace and Chasity are friends of Tamara's and we're providing respite care for them this weekend. Busy? You bet!
I'm leaving for work at Christian Horizons around 10:15 p.m. tonight so that'll be one less person in the hotel.
We had lot's of fun tonight!
Note: Click on the picture to get a bigger shot of all these people but don't tell Carol that I suggested this. Ha! Ha!


  1. It looks like you are running a summer camp! Ha Ha!

  2. very homey post -- touches base with our "real" worlds -- thanks for sharing David and Carol ---
    Big Hearts U guys have -- U believers put your faith and love out there and help others - its evident -------

    I am blest to have crossed paths with U and Carol ---

  3. It sure does, Lauramae!

    When does your retreat open?! :)
    My sister says you should open a little leding library on your retreat grounds, and then have a glassed-in showcase where peeple can see your favorite books, but not touch them, lest anything happen to them!

    In case I can't get on here again, here's an early, "Happy Father's Day!" Hope you have a great day tomorrow...we're planning a special day for my dad and grandpa, as usual, but we have a few surprises in store for my dad.

  4. Oh it looks like you guys are having so much fun!!
    I love camp fires!
    If you must know I think I am some what of a fire bug!
    Just something so nice about a camp fire!!
    What are S'mores though Pigrim David?
    I DID make the picture bigger but I won't tell Carol.
    Don't you trust that Passing-thru though, David!
    He is just a little bit of a tattle-tale!!...From PP Terry