Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hope & Faith

The words "hope" and "faith" were front and center on the Ottawa Sun newspaper today! Tonight it's a different story. The Sens just didn't have enough of whatever it takes to cap a cup. Fisher was a driving force as always. Alfie (Alfredsson) just shook off the boos and scored twice.

Where are "hope" and "faith" tonight? Far be it from me to even hazard a guess at how disappointing it must be for the Senators. Fortunately for guys like Mike Fisher, hope and faith are based in a Person not just in a pursuit no matter how noble the pursuit of the Cup might be.

Stanley Cup celebrations are charged with excitement but they are short-lived. How many teams have won back-to-back Cups in recent memory?

Hope and Faith are lasting for those who know the One who anchors our lives. We can look beyond the present, the immediate and know that in the final analysis, our personal knowledge of and walk with an eternal God is the most important part of life.

That doesn't take away from the agony of defeat! The flight home from Anaheim will not be a happy one.

My heart aches for the guys I know like Mike Fisher and Chris Neil. I've met Antoine Vermette several times and I love the gutsy way he plays. Dean McAmmond played his heart out until Pronger knocked his head in.

Roy are a special man! You have made this season a memorable one for me and for my family! Thank you!

Thank you, Ottawa Senators, for a great run!

Until next year, GO SENS GO!

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." - Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)


  1. beautifully written.. thanks!!!

  2. David:

    Thanks to you for keeping us all up to date on the Sens this season and for posting all the encouraging articles written about Mike.

  3. Dear David...I feel so bad but you know what?
    Because of you we have "met" Mike and Dean and we are so happy to know that they are Christians and that they have both been good testimonies.
    I think that you should be proud of them both and you know what Pigrim David?
    I think you ARE!!...Love from Pilgrim Terry

    And look what else Piglrim...Laura-mae is forever showing up here now and THAT is so nice!!

  4. They did play their hearts out ,

    way to go Guys!!!!!

  5. Mike played his heart out

    The sun came up this morning

    God is sovereign and in control

    As Billy Sunday always remineded his wife "Romans 8:28 is still in the book."
    But last night I cried. By the 2nd I tuned into a YANKEES game (and I can't stand the Yankees)I soon found that ridiculous so I went scaning for a Jewish radio station.

    Mike played an AMAZING game I'm proud of him and the rest of the boys.
    Being a goalie I felt VERY bad for Ray Emery. I wish I could of jumped in to his crease to play "double-goalie". I know it sounds silly but "this is me, this is who I am" to quote a song I love.
    Oh yes and my friend in NY (also a goalie, that's why we get along)I'm sure is happy and well I'm kind of happy for him too. My Sens did beat his favorite team before, and his team is not really the Ducks.

    From Mrs. Shirkie's favorite Montreal girl who feels like she played last night ( I'm sore all over my body, from what? I don't know.)

    God bless

  6. Overall the Sens did great. I felt so bad for Mike last night. He deserved that cup. It is great to know that there is so much more to life though. We will look forward to next season though!

  7. Oh my favorite little Montreal girl, by the time I got home from my mom and dad's there was only 7 minutes left in the game and the score was 5 to 2.
    I am afraid I told Mr. Shirkie, "I don't want to watch it but he left it on until there was a minute and a half left.
    Then I said, I don't even want to watch the NEWS!!
    You know what little Montreal girl, I just bet that Mike and Dean aren't poor losers but I know you and I sure are!
    Yankees indeed!!! from Pigrim Pal, Terry

  8. Hey there!

    I enjoyed the last 5 minutes by tuning into Ottawa radio...because I was having too good a time listening to the team I had cheered for in 2003 finally winning the Cup. I felt very sorry for Ottawa as I listened on their own radio station, and as the seconds ticked down, I prayed for all the Pilgrim Pals I could think of who could posibly be watching the game and feeling the heartache. I think my sister's ensueing sobs rocked the house, and she and my other siblings were a little red-eyed...even my youngest brother who is a Ducks fan and even has the jersey, but was goin for Ottawa. If the Ottawa river overflows (can't give up that joke, Mrs. Shirkie, can I?!) then my lil sis will come on down there...:)

    Seriously, thank you so much Mr. Fisher for all the Sens stories and insights you've given us over the season. As Mrs. Shirkie says, I really feel like I met the people you spoke of. And the way you wrote that about Faith and Hope is so true!

    God bless you all. I still don't have net connection, but I got my dad's laptop for a few minutes, so I'll try to make the best of my time.

    the little Pilgrim pal Hebrews 11:1

  9. the cup "almost" came home to Canada ... but, it was not meant to be ...

    it was exciting hockey ... and i'm glad you put everything into perspective with this great post!

  10. It is definitely an encouragement to remember that our hope lies on something greater than anything here on earth. WHAT a heartbreaker, though! Thanks for the play-by-play updates!