Monday, June 04, 2007

Praying For Dean

Of course not all of our Pilgrim Scribblings readers are Ottawa Senators fans but please pray for Dean McAmmond. Dean is a fellow Christian who loves the Lord and honors Him. He was elbowed by Anaheim Duck Chris Pronger in Game 3 and is questionable for tonight's Game 4 in Ottawa. Pronger was suspended for tonight's game.

I've met Dean and he is a great guy! I love the way he plays the game and we'll miss him tonight if he's not ready to compete. Thanks for praying for Dean...not only that he will recover quickly and completely but that his testimony for the Lord would be strong and steady.


Dean is pictured here being helped off the ice by his teammates after the hit from Pronger.


  1. Dear David...I guess that is what Jel meant when she said she would be praying that no one gets hurt.
    I never realized that Dean was hurt.
    I listen as I am at the computer to the game.
    I don't usually see it.
    I will be praying for Dean, another one of God's own, eh David?
    So nice!....From Pilgrim pal, Terry

  2. We (sister and I) were listening to Pierre McGuire on his radio segment this afternoon, and he said, "Dean McAmmond is such a dedicated family man...and he is a very religious man..." I looked at my sister and said, "Really?! Let's go write the Big Fish!" We opened your blog, and who do we see but Dean McAmmond (we opened it about 10 min. after you wrote it)! One thing after another came up, so we couldn't write you right away like we wanted to, but it is quite an interesting fact that he is a Chrsitian, nonetheless. My sister wants so bad to knwo who else is saved on that team, but I tell her that she will just have to wait until she meets someone from HMI, and then hope she can get names off the record :)
    I was hoping to convince my "boss" at the paper I occasionally write for to send me to Ottawa to cover the game since one of the Ducks is a local kid, but I figured it would be a ridiculous try to get an unpaid, free-lance writer like me a press pass.

    I hope the Little Fish plays well, especially since tomorrow is such a special day...(surely you know which day it is, Mr. Fisher...don't worry if you forgot, we'll remind you soon enough).

  3. Pronger shouldn't have been susended - It was just a bump.

    That said, Jesus rules

  4. There's been so much debate over the hit, and exactly how many games Pronger should have been suspended for. More importantly though, let's hope Dean gets better soon. My prayers to him, and his family.