Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Precious People on my Pilgrim Pathway

As a pilgrim who's been on the road for over seven decades, stumbling along and scribbling about my pilgrimage, I've encountered a lot.  Road blocks, detours, potholes, speed bumps and more than my share of rich blessings.  One of the greatest gifts has been the friendships forged along the journey.

As I sit here scribbling away...I'm so grateful for the special people that the Lord allowed me to meet along the way.  Random individuals who God used to bless my heart.  There are so many of you!

I'm also grateful for the many friends who I've never met...authors, Bible characters, singers, musicians, athletes and others who have impacted my life in various ways.

The greatest encounter was when, as a 6-year-old boy, I invited Jesus Christ into my life.  He has been my constant guide and companion as I've navigated this long and winding road.

I have much to be thankful Father, my family and my friends.

The road has been long but I'm looking forward to seeing the best Friend anyone could ever have...when I get to the end of my journey.

Safe travels, my friends!  Hope to see you there!

From Worry to Cheer - A Kind Word

Since I was a young boy I've always enjoyed writing letters, notes and cards.  I had several pen pals as a teenager.

Back in the mid 70's the Lord led me to launch a letter-writing ministry of encouragement to athletes called Epistle Sports Ministries.  Although my target audience was professional and amateur athletes, I also wrote many letters to people in all walks of life.

I've been the beneficiary of hundreds of cards and letters.  I still have boxes with those letters in them.  They meant so much to me and I often to back and read them over again.  As the graphic with this post states, "A Kind Word Always Brings Cheer."

Just today I sent a card to two friends who needed some cheer.

Let's do our part in keeping the lost art of written correspondence alive.


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

No Scene in Sacred History

"See from His head, His hands, His feet
Sorrow and love flow mingled down;
Did e'er such love and sorrow meet
Or thorns compose so rich a crown?"

- Isaac Watts

The sight of the beloved Son of God crucified on a rugged Roman cross does not evoke "happiness" in itself but...the knowledge that Christ's sacrifice on our behalf to remove our sins brings great joy and peace. He gave His life to give us eternal life.

God Recruits from the Pit...not the Pedestal

I'm so glad that God seeks out those to serve Him from the pit...not the pedestal.  The history of the Christian church bears this out!  

HOPE...Our Precious Possession

When We Wonder Why

When Vance Havner, the renowned pastor, evangelist and author from North Carolina lost his wife to disease, he was disconsolate. But out of the experience he later wrote:
"When before the throne we stand in Him complete, all the riddles that puzzle us here will fall into place and we shall know in fulfillment what we now believe in faith - that all things work together for good in His eternal purpose. No longer will we cry 'My God, why?' Instead, 'alas' will become 'Alleluia', all question marks will become straightened into exclamation points, sorrow will change into singing, and pain will be lost in praise."
Taken from one of my favourite books, The Red Sea Rules, by one of my favourite authors...Robert J. Morgan.