Thursday, June 14, 2007


Has your life been like this rope?
Just hang on...don't give up hope;
When you're just about to snap,
Don't get caught in Satan's trap;
Look into the Savior's face.
Rest there in His warm embrace.
He will lead you from all harms
Trust His everlasting arms.


  1. Great post -------- yes --- I say yes and many times "doubt" but there is power in the blood ----

    that old tune - "Victory in Jesus"

    praying brother David for ALL your needs --------- and for the "pals"

  2. Oh yes, I've gone through a few frayed ropes in my life. When someone told me years ago to tie a knot and hang on, I realized I'd already slipped off the knot. LOL. Ah, but for this, we have Jesus, amen?

    Sending up some prayers for you tonight, my friend.

    Resting in Him,

  3. Dear David...This is just as bad as one time Mr. Granger the preacher told me that I was handling life like it was an elastic band and that the elastic would only stretch so far before it snapped so he told me to stop worrying!
    Easier said than done, I know David...from PP Terry

  4. Beautiful illustration, David! Like Vikie said, I've been through several frayed ropes much to my chagrin. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us!