Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pardon Me

Pilgrim Pal Bob from Passing-Thru has been such a stalwart prayer partner since we've been communicating through Pilgrim Scribblings and Pilgrim Pals. He truly is a fellow pilgrim who helps a brother when the road gets rough.

One of Bob's comments caused me to recall a wonderful old hymn that I love to sing. Terry, I'm sure this one means a lot to you as well.

The first verse is pregnant with meaning for this ol' pilgrim:

A Pardoning God - Micah 7:18

Great God of wonders! all Thy ways
Display Thine attributes divine;
But the bright glories of Thy grace
Above Thine other wonders shine:
Who is a pard'ning God like Thee?
Or who has grace so rich and free?


  1. Ohh I know this one, a classic from the Breaking of Bread meeting!

  2. I like that part , brother Dave - " A pardon bought with Jesus's Blood " What A Saviour ! - hmm sounds like another song we used to sing in the Nazarene church - thankyou for the compliments - I look back and KNOW of many people praying for me and mine over the years - THIS IS A PRIVILEDGE to pray for ONE ANOTHER , it's spiritual warfare, we are on the battlefield down here - no need for praying when we go "home"