Friday, June 01, 2007

Country Roads

My pilgrim pal, Paul Mackay, takes some pretty scenic routes each day doing inspections for the insurance company he works for. Check out my Paul Mackay link. He calls it Still Rambling.

Here's one of his photos. He knows I love narrow country road, lanes, paths and trails (just like my new Pilgrim Scribblings header).

Thanks for the excellent photos you leave for your readers to enjoy, dear brother.

Have safe travels today, my friends!


  1. My younger brother is a HUGE Paul Mackay fan...he reads his blog every time he gets on here (whic is not very often) after he catches up on Pilgrim posts!

  2. YES on New Header - NICE JOB EVERYDAY MOMMY - morning by morning new blessings I see - the softness,somber,relfective,inviting stroll down THAT pathway -- am sure this will be a blessing as pilgrims stop by David's Rest-Awhile and drink from God's Bucket of Living Water

  3. Dear David...I like Paul's pictures too!
    That is why I have him as one of favorite links.
    Right at my finger tips!

    You know what Pigrim David?
    I think that there is another poet in the midst of us..that Passing-thru just paints such lovely words with his keyboard!!

    Hey Hebrews 11:1...How many brothers and sisters do you have anyways?
    I have counted four of you so far!
    Lil Pilgrim, Little Montreal Girl, Little You are my Sunshine Pigrim Pal, and Littlest Brother Pigrim Pal who is addicted to the boss's and Paul's blogs!!
    What do you guys do anyways?
    Stay in line to take turns at the computer?........Love Pilgrim Pal Terry

  4. Dear Mrs. Shirkie,
    I love your names for us. It makes me feel so special!
    You are a blessing from God,(thats where all blessings come from isn't it?)

  5. You ARE special Little Montreal girl and that is JUST the same way we all feel about David Fisher.
    There are so many times that he makes us feel special, eh?
    You know what little girl, I have never had so many precious friends as I have now just because of that guy!!
    You are RIGHT!!
    The friends are ALL blessings from God, that's a for sure!!

    Love Mrs Shirkie, Pilgrim Pal Terry

  6. Yes, Paul takes wonderful photos, but then again, he gets A LOT of practice! Trust me, I KNOW!!!

    It must be nice to have the open roads as your office...if only the price of gas would come down!!!

  7. Okay, I have not time to write this a.m., but I need to set the record straight here: My siblings do not spend very much time on the computer at all...I spend the most in my family. My sister (lil Montreal girl) gets a few minutes a day, and my brother (I've mentioned the same one twice) gets a few minutes a week on this computer (with internet connection; he has 2 others that he does tech stuff on and plays Flight Simulator). I certainly have (plural this is) brotherS and sisterS, but I'll leave that to Mrs. Shirkie to guess how many. They are all younger than me, and the youngest was born when I was a teenager. As for what we do, we are a very busy family...we all ahve lots of chores, housework, responsibilities, etc., and most work an outdoor or home-based job (except for my little susnshine).

    God bless your day with His goodness.

    lil Pilgrim Pal

  8. forgot to mention cooking and -most importantly- schoolwork, that keeps the younger ones busy. We all take turns in the kitchen, and I thought of that as I prepare the meal...

  9. Dear Pilgrim David.
    Did you read Chuck's e-meditations today?
    It is so good!
    I think that Hebrews 11:1 would really like it!
    I thank you for telling me about his site.
    His mail is good!!

    Hey Hebrews 11:1
    You sound like such a loving family!
    You sound like the Goldens to me!!
    We all had to help out at home too!
    Your little sunshine sounds like my baby sister, Karen.
    She was born when I was 16 and we all loved her to pieces.
    We truly spoiled her but not in the bad sense of the word.

    Well I am off now...Have a good day!!!...From Pilgrim Pal Terry

  10. Well, I am just checking to see if you posted anything pre-game...I hope you've felt at peace today, I sure have. I think they're going to win for sure. Go, Sens, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. yeh...sens...good going mike fisher..

  12. We did it, Pilgrim Pals! We downed the Ducks!

    I called Mike on his cell phone this morning and left a messaage to encourage him.

    Thanks for praying for Mike, my friends!

    Sometimes I wonder if praying for a win is a valid exercise but lifting up people before the Lord certainly is.

    Have a great weekend, Pilgrim Pals!

  13. David... I don't think that the pilgrim pals are necessarily praying for a win, although that would be super but I think that they are praying for Mike Fisher that he will be a good testimony to the guys.
    And then we have Pilgrim Pal Jel who is praying that no one will get hurt!!
    What a darling she is!..from Pilgrim Pal Terry