Saturday, June 02, 2007

Senators Win

Now that was more like it! The Senators returned to form...finally...and downed the Ducks 5-3 tonight in Ottawa.

Mike Fisher played his usual lacklustre, lackadaisical game and I'm NOT telling the truth. Has he ever played that way? I don't think so! Fish even picked up a goal and played his heart out the whole usual!

Chris Neil celebrated the birth of their 1st child, a little girl, by scoring the Sens' 1st goal. He was a strong presence all night for Ottawa and had much to celebrate.

Some of my siblings were in the stands cheering on their nephew so that must have helped turn the tide.

Now we have to wait 'til Monday evening to knot the series at 2 games each.



  1. David,

    I am sure I will be having a mild-heart attack throughout Monday's game no matter what the score! Ha Ha.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. If having family members in the stands to cheer them to victory helps the Sens win, then I hope there will be family members in the stands for the remainder of the series!!!!

    GO SENS GO!!!

  3. it was a great game, we stayed up way past our betime, to watch the game, and we don't like hockey,
    but we had to watch little Fish :)

    Daivd , my husband say to tell ya that he is a Mike Fisher fan now! :)

    he has cheer this much since his team won the Super Bowl

    way to go SENS, and way to go M Fisher,
    I am still praying ,that no one get's hurt to bad!

  4. Oh boy.. oh boy David Fisher!
    That Mike Fisher doesn't even have to make his own blog!!

    He can read all of what his fans say here at the Fisher Connection and eventually at the Pilgrim Pal Blog.

    I mean the least he can do is JOIN the Pilgrim Pal Blog that some guy, name of David is developing!...From PP Terry

  5. AGREED, Mrs. Shirkie! Why DOESN'T the Little Fish join us, or comment? I mean, aren't we his biggest fan base?! :)

    What a great game that was. I listened to parts of the 1st period, all of the 2nd, and all of the third...I wonder when I'm going to start feeling tired after being up so late...

    Have a blessed day everyone!

    the lil Pilgrim Pal

    I am going for the sens this year, Because MY habs do not make the playoffs. I hope they will win the cup.


  7. I began feeling very tired this afternoon around 2 p.m...but before that we went to a friend's home on FISHER Road (which made us all laugh!), and drove over the Mercier Bridge, which reminded us of Mr. and Mrs. Shirkie. Actually, we saw a boat speeding toward us coming from their general direction, but since we were going 70k, it would have been hard to stop. Sorry, Mrs. Shirkie, if we missed you...
    Okay, now I'm really laughing!
    Actuakky I'm in a very good mood, because I just cleaned off my desk (well, it's my dad's, but I've used it for the past 8 yrs.+)--he said I could have a computer we were just given on a trial basis if I cleaned off the desk to make room for it. My own computer! Wow! I can't wait to configure it to my liking! However, it won't have internet access for awhile, I'm sure.

    Mr. Fisher, How was your meeting Friday afternoon? I prayed for you that day, but forgot to at 2:15. I hope all went well.

    God bless you all!

    The lil Pilgrim pal

  8. Never you worry Hebrews 11:1...No time for a boat ride for me.
    I have been spending a whole lot of time trying to get IN at the new Pilgrim Pal site.
    I think that I will just stay here with you guys!!,,,ha!...From pilgrim pal Terry