Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gray Depression

As we mourn the passing of Ruth Bell Graham (and rejoice that she is finally "home"), here's more of her excellent writing from Prodigals and Those Who Love Them.

Sunk in This Gray Depression

Sunk in this gray
depressionI cannot pray.
How can I give
when there are no words
to say?
This mass of vague
of aching care,
love with its
short-circuits prayer.
Then through this fog
of tiredness,
this nothingness, I find
only a quiet knowing
that He is kind.

- September 1980

This is subject matter that I have experienced first-hand. I only wish I could have articulated my grayness as well as Ruth Bell Graham did. But God gave her this piece of writing and I thank Him for that!


  1. That part where she says - "short circuts prayer" happens when the grief is too great - worry is heavy to bear -- good stuff

    All the words from a friend can't do what a "moment" with God can do - all we can do is to help encourage and pray one for another -

    With Love brother David --

    A procession of "saints" ascending upward and onward - in an instant, being with The Lord, His angels, and countless saints , this Mrs. Graham encountered - what they leave for us is their testimonies as we are still writing ours --

  2. another comment - U wouldn't think that "this grayness" would be part of her world - not needing anything - but sainthood always comes with growth and struggle - old age , attacks from the devil - people close to her , possibly hurting her feelings - thru the grayness, she finds again , HE IS KIND --------- George Mueller said, I kiss THE HAND that smites me, when losing his wife in this world --

  3. Like you, David, I've experienced this same grayness. I'm so glad she was able to articulate so well what many people experience. Praise the Lord the Son begins to shine again.