Saturday, June 16, 2007


And some people say there is no God?
Thanks to Tim Coles at My Momentum for this shot.


  1. WOW! What a beautiful photo! Wouln't I love to have that one paired with a scripture about God's majesty, and blown up and framed, to hang on my wall!

  2. This pic takes my breath away! When my brother died there was the greatest sunrise I have ever seen. I thought to myself, "If it is so beautiful this side of heaven, I wonder how much more beautiful it must be from heaven's side."

    Shots like this make me ask that all over again. :)

  3. Oh Wow David...How majestic!!
    How CAN they say there is no God?
    Jel is going to love this!!
    Isn't it so incredible how the Christians are too David, that they are so willing to share these camera creations of their's with everybody else?
    How nice of Tim Coles!
    From Pilgrim Pal Terry