Friday, June 08, 2007

Shades of Greatness

Mike Fisher waves to the cheering fans as the Ottawa Senators arrive home on Thursday. Thousands of fans converged on the airport to greet the Senators after their 4-games-to-one defeat in the Stanley Cup final. (Ottawa Sun Photo By Sean Kilpatrick)


  1. that was a good shot of him,

    this is from my Husband, he just said, if they had 3 more players like your nephew, they could have won, he play his heart out!

    have a blessed day!

  2. Forgot to ask about Dean McAmmond,
    how is he doing?

  3. So nice David Fisher!

    I will be thinking of you and Carol amd Paul as you are enjoying the Greater Vision concert today, and the Triumphant Quartet.
    That quartet has one great red- headed piano player!
    Have a refreshing time!..from Pilgrim Pal, Terry

  4. Okay, can you please settle our silly argument that we've had since seeing thisn photo this morning...what kind of car does Mike drive?! My sister thinks it's a Ford or Chevy pick-up, I thought it was a Ford SUV til my brother pointed out the satellite radio and said he thinks it's a Chevy pick-up. Did you ever hear of such a ridiculous discussion, especially from some youth who care very little about cars?!

    Enjoy the concert today. We look forward to hearing all about it!

  5. I was so happy to hear that the team had a big crowd to welcome them home!
    I haven't really been on the computer since thir loss, so I haven't been able to comment on it yet. I was so disappointed after the game, but there's always next year right? The team did us proud, and what an exciting 2 months it was here in the nation's capital! Let Mike know he has nothing to be disappointed about- he played his heart out,and people are definitely buzzing about #12.


    p.s An article in Thursday's Ottawa Citizen had a large section about what a strong character Mike has...thought you'd agree!

  6. I also had the argument with people. We all thought that Mike was a country boy who drove a big truck but that looks like an SUV. what car does he drive? we all loved his ford truck.

  7. Mr. Fisher--I just came over here to see if you answered us yet, and I see someone else has the same question! When you get a moment, could you please let us know?! Yesterday, the 15th of June, we had the same old discussion again when we were talking about trucks and sister says if this keeps up, she's going to print out taht photo and ask our cousin the car expert!