Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Maintenance Man...NOT!

For regular readers of the Pilgrim Scribblings blog, you will notice some recent changes in our format.

The blog was getting far too "busy" and I decided to make a few alterations. When I changed the template to a different one, I lost all my previous links. I had too many anyway. I'm going to add a few in several different categories when I get a chance.

Have you dropped by The Blog Inn site? Check it out at:

Thanks for your patience as we re-work this site. I've had some very encouraging comments in recent days and I has spurred me on to write more. Just wait and see.

I still have to edit a number of recent posts so that they fit the new format better.

'Til then, happy reading and may you experience God's gracious and loving hand in wonderful ways!

- David, the clueless maintenance man.

Impossible Task?

A. W. Tozer

Each morning I receive a classic devotional from a great preacher from the past, Dr. A. W. Tozer. They always challenge me. Here is today's:

May 31

Preaching: All In One Sermon

Now we exhort you, brethren, warn those who are unruly, comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all. - 1 Thessalonians 5:14

Because we are the kind of persons we are and because we live in a world such as we do, the shepherd of souls is often forced to work at what would appear to be cross purposes with himself.

For instance, he must encourage the timid and warn the self-confident; and these may at any given time be present in his congregation in almost equal numbers.

Another problem he faces is the presence in the normal Christian assembly of believers in every stage of development, from the newly converted who knows almost nothing about the Christian life to the wise and experienced Christian who seems to know almost everything.

Again, the Christian minister must have a word from God for the teen-aged, the middle-aged and the very aged. He must speak to the scholar as well as to the ignorant; he must bring the living Word to the cultured man and woman and to the vulgarian who reads nothing but the sports page and the comic strip. He must speak to the sad and to the happy, to the tender-minded and to the tough-minded, to those eager to live and to some who secretly wish they could die. And he must do this all in one sermon and in a period of time not exceeding 45 minutes.

Surely this requires a Daniel, and Daniels are as scarce in the United States (and Canada) today as in Babylon in 600 B.C.

from The Set of the Sail, pgs.82-83.

"That's an impossible task, Lord! I again confess myself totally dependent on the Holy Spirit. Enable, I pray, in Jesus' name. Amen."

For more information about LMI contact:

NOTE: Yesterday, on my way to the ballpark in Toronto, I passed the historic sanctuary, Avenue Road Church, that Dr. Tozer pastored during his time in Toronto. It is now the headquarters of the Hare Krishna cult in that city. I wonder if Tozer's prophetic words ever bounce from the rafters these days. It's so tragic to see what was once a bastion of truth being used to propagate such error. - David

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Attractive Drabness VIII

Today I received a comment by e-mail from a new blogging buddy, Terry. She wrote to thank me for my blog and was very complimentary. I visited her site and was excited by her excellent photography. I'm just learning how to use my recently purchased digital camera. Terry (Teresa) seems to be an expert.

Check out her site at:

The first photo I've posted from her site is one that could easily be included in my Attractive Drabness series.

In reality nothing that our God has created is really drab but some things, like gray skies and winter barrenness are certainly more drab than the sunset photo from Terry's site.

Thanks for your visit to Pilgrim Scribblings, Terry, and may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Moncton Missionary

Greetings, blogging buddies! My postings to Pilgrim Scribblings will be sparse over the next 10 days while I'm in Moncton, New Brunswick, cheering the Peterborough Petes on to a Memorial Cup Championship.

Please check out my daily updates from the Memorial Cup at:

Go Petes Go!

Thanks for your prayers as I seek to minister to these guys!

In His love,


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sad Ending

As they say, "it's all over but the crying." Yes, my beloved Senators lost out to Buffalo 4 games to 1 and missed another opportunity to advance in their quest for the Stanley Cup.

During the playoffs especially, my identity is wrapped up in being Mike Fisher's uncle. All I heard today was, "what happened to the Senators?" My response was to hand them a composite from articles and columns in today's Ottawa Sun.

I don't know what happened to the Senators but Mike Fisher showed up for every game and was consistent and determined throughout each shift he played. That's just the way Fish plays. All out!

Many have suggested that Mike should be the next Senator to wear the captain's "C" on his sweater. I think that's something that might happen down the road. He deserves it!

Anyhow, I'm proud of you Mike and so are countless other fans of yours here in the Peterborough area and, of course, in the nation's capital. It must have been hard to leave Scotiabank Place last night but you played your heart out!

Thanks for making us all proud, Little Fish!

Uncle David

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Here's All You Need

For 32 years I've been writing letters, notes and cards of encouragement to athletes. Recently I've expanded my "epistle" writing to include everyone...not just athletes. Everybody loves "an encouraging word" from time to time.

Fortunately we don't need a college degree to excel in this form of ministry. That's a good thing because I don't have one.

Everything that you need is found in this picture. A desk, a chair, a lamp, some notes, a pen and a window to look through to get some inspiration.

Why not write a friend in the next week! Let them know that you care. You'll be glad you did, the recipient certainly will be blessed and the Father's heart will be moved...because He loves it when we encourage one another. "Bear one another's burdens and thus fulfil the law of Christ." - Galatians 6:2

How observant are you? This photo appeared in one of my blogging buddy's blog. Have you seen it before? If so, let me know where you saw it. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Visiting the Inn

Have you stopped for a visit to the Inn lately. The Blog Inn is our other web site/blog and we've posted more things there recently than we have here at Pilgrim Scribblings. Why not go over for a visit. The coffee is always on and we have some new books in the libary waiting for you to peruse and read. Visit soon! We love having guests stop by!

The blossoms are out, by the way, so you'll enjoy the view (and the fragrance) from the back porch!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Looking Heavenward

Peterborough Petes goaltender, David Shantz looks heavenward during a playoff game in Ottawa. Actually he's looking at the Canadian flag during the pre-game singing of the National Anthem.

Slugger at Grace

Our son Matthew gets ready to slug a few home runs at Grace Christian Academy recently.

A Day In The Life

Today David Shantz, Peterborough Petes goaltender, and I spent much of the day visiting a Christian school, Grace Christian Academy, and stopping by to visit some friends/family who just got home from the hospital. Here is David with Ron and Joan Sargeant and their son Matthew who is recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Later in the day David and I went to visit my mother. Mom is just getting over a bout with pancreatitis. She has baked dozens of ginger cookies for David this season. Maybe that's why he shutout the Barrie Colts the other night! GO PETES GO!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Looking Down on Fish

Few people would ever think of looking down on Fish. Well, perhaps some opponents might tire of his incessant checking and his tireless style of play.

Those of us who know him, love him, and we're anxious for the next round of playoffs to begin.

Fish has been receiving lots of praise this season from the likes of Grapes (Don Cherry) and others. One Toronto writer suggested that Mike Fisher is the most underrated player in the NHL.

God's best to you, my nephew, as you prepare for the next series. You're a good man!

Prayer Chorus

Here are the lyrics to a chorus that the Lord gave me today as I drove home from Toronto. If He gives me a verse or two I'll add them at a later date. May this be the prayer of each of our hearts today!

"Overwhelm us...
Overcome us...
Let Your presence fill this place;
Fill my ransomed heart with wonder
God of mercy and of grace."

- David Fisher, May 2nd, 2006

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