Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coles and Kohls

It's often been said that one coal or ember from a fire, left by itself, will quickly extinguish or go out. Add another coal and they burn longer. You've often heard that analogy when a preacher is trying to emphasize the importance of Christian fellowship.


Well, two coals have met up with each other out in Barnabas, B.C. I posted earlier about my friend Tim Coles. He updates us on his My Momentum blog with news that another friend of mine, Paul Kohls, has arrived at the Arrow Leadership summit.

Two great guys! They need each other and will keep each other sharp and HOT in a godly sense. Have a great time, guys! I love you both!


  1. Nice Post --- its not all theology - but family - friends - NEEDING EACH OTHER -- the milk of human kindness flows from Blood Washed Born-Again Christians --

    Nice scene of father & son -- its the little things in life that fill our days and memories --

  2. Ouch - lol - its not father and son ----- but maybe in the Lord they are ---------

  3. David,

    Too often, men don't value the worth of friendships. Without getting into a discourse of the possible why's of that....let me just say how refreshing it is to see the value you place on friendships!

    God Bless!


  4. In this country people would rather talk to some kind of a counselor then to a friend or a relative. And that's very sad...I'm glad there still are people that value friendship!

  5. Hey David,
    Now no one can accuse me of not cruzing a friend's blog!! I am happy to stumble on this one. Great memories here with Paul and I. And no, he is not my father, but he is my brother . . . figure that one out.
    What a great experience Arrow has been. I have one more module left and Christine will be joining me for that one. Look for Arrow updates in January from Arizona.