Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This morning I've been reading Anne Graham Lotz's book, WHY? Why? Because she has a biblical perspective and understanding of God and His ways. Even though we seldom can answer the "why?" questions fully, we can trust God in each "why?" situation.

Anne's mother (Billy's wife), Ruth Bell Graham, wrote the following:

I lay my "whys?"
before your cross
in worship kneeling,
my mind beyond all hope,
my heart beyond all feeling;
and worshipping,
realize that I,
in knowing You,
don't need a "why?"

C. S. Lewis once said that when we see Christ and ask him our questions, He will answer and our response will simply be, "Oh!"

I believe that when we see our Redeemer face to face, the questions will fade in the light of His glory and grace and we will have no need for answers.

To re-write one word in an old hymn...

"One glimpe of His dear face
All questions (sorrows) will erase;
So gladly run the race
'Til we see Christ."

May today's "whys?" be answered by His look, His touch and His Word. He is in control!
Why? by Anne Graham Lotz, published by W. Publishing Group, copyright 2004


  1. Amen! He IS in control!

    (Go, Sens, Go!)

  2. Oh that little ..."Oh!"
    How small of a word, but how much it says!!
    Hmm...even smaller than the word, "Why?".

    So good Pilgrim David...from PP Terry