Monday, May 28, 2007

Sens' Heartbreaker

Well, Game 1 is history and the Senators will have to redeem themselves on Wednesday night in Anaheim. The Ducks pulled out a 3-2 victory in a hard-fought contest. The Senators seemed to tire in the 3rd period and were outhit and outplayed by Anaheim.

But, heartbreaking as it was for Uncle David...

  • Mike played his heart out

  • The sun will come up tomorrow

  • I'm still on the right side of the grass (alive) and...

  • God is sovereign and in control

Now we have to wait for Wednesday when the Sens will come back with a vengeance!


Whew! Hope I can get to sleep now!


  1. was sorry to hear that, when we went to bed , that were ahead!

    they will get them next time!

  2. Keep looking UP! It's just a game...I went to sleep during the third, woke when I heard Sam Rosen scream, "Goal!" and fell back to sleep when I heard it was Anaheim that scored...
    I knew you'd be happy that Mike Fisher scored! It was a little odd at first as I listened to the game hoping that Ottawa would win, because in 2003 I was going for the Ducks (and lil' sis was going for NJ). Well, I prayed for the players on both sides all the same, as usual.

    May God bless your day with His goodness!

    the little Pilgrim Pal

  3. Last night I had to laugh when Scotty Niedermayer (sp?) got a penalty fifty and some odd seconds in to the game. I almost screamed(maybe I did scream, I don't know) when Fish scored. I had just heard them say Fisher's name so I said "Lord please help Fishy score". And he did, God works fast eh? after the Ducks scored I started to chew on my puck, great stress reliever. My cat came to snuggle me at the start of the 2nd. I almost squished her in half when the Sens scored again.
    By that time I was wide awake. I heard the Ducks tie it all up but was spared hearing them go ahead. I fell asleep.
    I'll keep praying for that Little Fish, We have started to call him "Fishy". I hope he dosen't mind!

    From: Mrs. Shirkis's "Little Montreal Girl

  4. Dear David..I was sorry to hear about this!

    I saw Betty today and she is not a hockey fan but she listens to these games and waits intently to hear "Fisher's" name!!
    I wonder if that Little Fish knows how many more fans that he has now and how many more people are praying for him!!

    I will have to read the rest of your posts tonight Pilgrim..
    It looks like I have missed out on a lot of good things!

    What did you do boss?
    Make that little pilgrim pal, Hebrews 11:1 your forman?
    You have created a monster!!
    HE is now getting after me for not keeping up my blogging duties!!
    I mean he IS an encourgament, for sure, both he and his sister but like I said I am getting chastised!!.......from PP Terry

  5. Hey now! Who's calling me a monster?! I guess that means I'm in more trouble than that small remark about NY? UH OH...

    I must say, sister suggested I check the blogs to see who wrote something new, and when we saw 4 comments here, she said, "Look, there's 4 now", and I said, "I hope it's Mrs. Shirkie..." At least I'm honest.

    God bless you all!

  6. we've had so much rain lately that the satellite signal has been going off/on/off ... well leo had to use the RABBIT ears (remember those!) so he could catch the CBC feed for the game on monday night ...

  7. Well, Pilgrim Pals, are you ready for tonight's game. Please pray for Mike that regardless of the outcome of the game, God will be glorified and Mike will honor Him in all he does.

    Thanks for your interest in Mike's career. Thanks for wiggling those rabiit ears out there in Manitoba, Leo, so you can get reception and watch the game.

    Thanks, Hebrews 11:1 and prayingsnesfaninmontreal for you love and prayers.

    Thanks, Terry, for hanging in there with us and thanks Janice or jel for cheering for Ottawa.

    Tonight will tell the tale.

    Trusting God today with everything that comes my way,

    The Pilgrim

  8. You know what David?
    I was at my computer when the news was on and I heard the story about the little guy that was trying to break the record for receiving the most post cards.
    Even though he didn't break the record, he had so many treasured post cards.
    I heard him proudly say that Mike Fisher had sent him one!
    How good that Mike would take the time to send a little kid a card?...What a guy he is!!...From PP Terry

    Ha!! Judge Judy sent him a card too!

  9. less than one hour till game 2...this is nerve wracking for sure...hope you have peace, Mr.Fisher...I'll be praying as usual, although I won't begin listening until at least the 2nd period, and will probably drift off during the third, but the latter shouldn't matter, because I usually pray in my sleep if something is on my mind :)