Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Place

Janice or jel, as I call her, dropped by my place (Pilgrim Scribblings) this morning so I went over to her place, called My Place, to see if I could find a photo to use here at my place. In her comment she noted that I hadn't used any of her pictures recently. So, here's one, Janice! THANKS! Enough of that my place, her place stuff!

As I was sitting in church this morning...and it was a wonderful time of worship, I was thinking about a title for a future post. I'll mention it here and then if I don't write about it soon my Pilgrim Pals can remind me. It will be called NEVER BEFORE. So watch for it.

Today is Pentecost Sunday. Let's give thanks that God kept His promise and sent us the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. As Steve Kennedy, our preacher this morning said, "Everything I know of God, I learned from the Holy Spirit who taught me through the Word of God and guided me into all truth." Well that's not the exact quote but you get the sense. Right?

Anough of my Pilgrim Ramblings...

Have a good and godly Lord's day, dear Pilgrim Pals.


  1. :)

    I feel better now , Thanks

  2. David - am an old time fan of Mueller - since the late sixties - will talk more in future, many great testimonies from that man of God ----------- Was at one time corresponding with Edith Larby , an orphan from Mueller Home and a woman that lived and worked by faith - we will chat in the future - God Bless ------