Friday, May 18, 2007

Bargain Basement Worship

Did that title catch your eye? Wondering what the Pilgrim is going to write on that topic? Don't worry! It's not going to be controversial.

I've often looked at an 8-volume set of books by Robert Webber on Worship and thought it would be a good reference collection to have. The price was prohibitive though. The list price is $50.00 per volume although you can catch a break if you buy all eight (8) books. The set lists at
$350.00 (U. S. Funds)

Today I got a sneak preview of the used books at the Hope Valley Day Camp Annual Garage Sale. Mrs. Kearney always looks for me on the Friday morning of the May holiday weekend. I was there this morning and was not disappointed.

The above-mentioned set, still in its original box, was available for $5.00. That's $5.00 TOTAL, not $5.00 per book. Was I excited! I quickly snapped up that set and about 30 other books for my library.

What a treasure! Now I'm wondering if my Pilgrim Pal, Julie (Sweet Inspirations) is going to be upset with me. What did you pick up today, my friend?

Worship should never be cheap or bargain-basement priced but this set of books was cheap.

By the way, Robert Webber went home to be with the Lord in late April after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He left a legacy of books on true worship. Thanks, Robert!


  1. get in early for a sneak peek????????? I'm going with you next year! I've been waiting all year for this sale (last year we went on Saturday and bought about $30 worth of books) so this year we were ready! We went yesterday afternoon when I got done the bus. We wanted to be there at 1 when they opened, but Madeline was napping.

    We brought my little cart to hold all our books and we filled it. We once again bought almost $30 of books and then Andy found one he wanted on the Free table outside.

    We got so many good books...some Andrew Murray, Max Lucado, Joyce Landorf, Watchman Nee, etc. We are just now getting ready to head out the door to more sales...we'll be heading over to Maria St. to check out your sale...if I see you I'll be asking what you got...hopefully you didn't snatch up anything I wanted!!!!!!!! :0)

  2. One more thing...that Robert Webber...did he teach at Wheaton College? Was he the guy who came to Peterborough to do a worship seminar about 10 years ago? The name seems to ring a bell...I went to that worship seminar and was going to take the worship course they were going to offer at Tyndale. I never went because I moved to Dartmouth instead...but if this is the same guy he was amazing and I had no idea he wrote a set of books. Now I've got yet something else to add to my list of books I need/want to get!

  3. Good going Julie!!
    I think I can remember you getting that pile of books last year and all the excitment you were in!
    You and that Fish are quite the pair!
    Never can have too many books, eh?
    I mean look at that Pilgrim Pal David.
    Didn't he used to own his own bookstore?
    Is he trying to do THAT again except THIS time he will be keeping all of the books to himself and not seliing a one?!

    Happy shopping now, Sweet Inspiratiions, eh! Terry

    PS Oh Hi Pilgrim Pal David!!
    I had to say hi to you both in one post beause I am out of here!
    That Bernie always gets up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday so we can head to the Macs!

  4. David...isn't it lovely when God brings along something that we've longed for...and at a bargain price no less.

    Now do must give us a report on your reading as you work your way through volumes.

    Blessings and hugs! Susan

  5. Yay Ottawa!!!
    5:13 PM!!

    Congtats Fishers!!
    Hey little Montreal girl...Lake Erie is on the rise!!
    How about that Hebrews 11:1??...Terry


    Congrats, Ottawa!

    Gotta run!

  7. Yeh ...the little Pilgrim Pal had to run alright boss!
    He ran to my blog to get after me for beating him to the draw, sending you my congrats!
    And he didn't even protect the little Montreal pilgrim pal who was crying her eyes out like the people in Buffalo are!!
    Rise Lake Erie..Rise! Ha!!...from Terry

  8. I Got to watch the game for the first time today! but they cut it off before we could see the hole game , but we got to see little fish play, and my husband and I think he is avery good player!
    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

    Daivd, sounds like ya had a good time , I got a great book this weekend to! will be posting about it on mon.

    hope you are well!

    hi terry!