Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pilgrim Pix of the Back 40

This afternoon I went for a walk down in the "back 40" as I call it. I took along a book and my camera...of course. What a peaceful place! The symphony of bird sounds was incredible! The apple blossoms are out in all their glory! The marsh marigolds line the creek! Even Willow, our cat, went for the walk. Here are a few photos from my hike. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. Oh This is what I miss so much about losing my job David!
    The beauty of the country!!

    Did you see any jack in the pulpits in your travels?

    Who is the kitty?
    Does he belong to you Pigrim Pal David?

    Don't the pair of us just have the greatest cameras ever David?
    Three cheers for the Sony Camera, eh?

    Take care now and remember we have to keep that Hebrews 11:1 in line now!!..everyone's favorite little Pilgrim Pal, he is!!....
    from senior Pilgrim Pal.. Terry

  2. Oh I never noticed that you had told us the name of the cat ..How did I miss it?
    Willow...what a nice name and you never even sent him for a visit when I had the cat gang over.
    Well maybe next time, eh?.. PP Terry

  3. What beautiful pictures! What a nice place you have, Mr. Fisher! My mother's dream is to move to the country. I think I have become too cityfied much to my dismay in the past few years. Maybe it was when we stopped going for vacations in the US countryside, and instead went sight-seeing in Ottawa. Oh well, vacationing in the US has to be a distant dream for now...maybe we can find some place nearby that is cheap and in the country. When are you opening up your retreat spot?! :)
    Nice cat, by the way. Looks like one we've had as a kitten. Too bad he missed that ridiculous flight to the Shirkies...I could hear all those animals as they flew over my house (yes, I live under a rather busy flight pattern).
    And, last but not least, who said I need to be kept in line?! (chuckle)

  4. hi David!!

    I LOVE those pics.. make me wish I had a "back 40" to walk around in!

    Thanks for posting the pics!