Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bronx Zoo Road Show

The Yankees are in town (Toronto) and with them, as always, comes a media circus. There's the Japanese media who cling to their players like flies to honey. Reggie Jackson is traveling with the team and that always evokes cries of "Reg-gie, Reg-gie" as fans beg for his autograph. With the Bronx Bombers struggling on the field there's always always a chance that George Steinbrenner with lower the boom on either Brian Cashman, the GM or Joe Torre, the manager.

It's always an experience to be around the Rogers Centre when the Yanks are here! Today was no exception. I was there to see a couple of the players and watched the circus with a degree of amusement.

The Blue Jays won the game again tonight! It was much closer than last night's 7-2 victory and a steal of home by Aaron Hill added to the excitement.

The Jays and Yankees wrap up the three-game series tomorrow night and then the road show moves on to the next city. Roger Clemens will be joining them in the next week or so and that will add to the carnival atmosphere. Maybe the Rocket will launch the Yankees back into contention.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Inter-league weekend always makes me miss "MY" Expos. Well, I miss then all summer long. I know it sounds funny, but I still call them the Expos(NOT Nationals).And I still sniffle when they lose and wear a big smile when they win. Monreal hasn't been the same since they left. We always were so proud of our team when they beat the Blue Jays for the Canadian Cup or what ever it was called.
    Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end...

    Go Sens Go...and Fish!!!
    BE RED!!

  2. I agree with the little Montreal girl who happens to be our shortest Pilgrim pal, eh?...Love Mrs. Shirkie.

  3. Mrs. Shirkie--that was our lil' secret...my poor lil' sister, the shortest pilgrim pal...Well, she looks at it as an advantage, and never complains about her height (or lack thereof) at least.
    I have to comment on my sister last line: Her and all my siblings minus one wore red today, and I think it's the same for tonight. I wear red and white on Canada Day, and rd/wht/bl on Independance Day and select few American holidays, but am not big on wearing my favorite team's colors. Any other Sens fans showing their colors and following the slogan of "Be Red"?
    Well, I should really get the cats to bed and all, so I can get to bed myself at a reasonable hour. Thursday is my family's busiest day of the entire week, and we have to get moving earlier than usual.