Thursday, May 31, 2007

Where's the Bucket?

This picture of Terry (Canadian Blogger) at a wishing well without a bucket reminded me of an earlier post of mine concerning buckets. You can read about it in the accompanying picture (above).

What are you bringing to the well? A thimble, a cup, a bucket?

And, on a lighter note, here's another "post from the past":

Recently I've had several cases of memory loss. I had an MRI on my brain to check this out and they found nothing, absolutely NOTHING. Carol has been concerned about my mental health so she booked an appointment with a doctor at our local mental health hospital. As part of our session I was given a test. Dr. M. T. Tubbs took me into the bathroom where the bathtub was filled with water. He posed a simple question and I was quick to respond. It was a no-brainer. "What would you use to empty this tub, a bucket, a tea cup or a spoon?" A bucket, of course. The doc quickly began making arrangements to have me committed. "Most sane people would just pull the plug. Do you want a bed beside a window?"

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  1. enjoyed the old post - volumes of truth on the cup or bucket - great reminder of WHOM we have to deal with - HE is a GREAT GOD - we continue to pray and remember , blessings my friend -------- Bob

  2. Aw Shucks Pigrim David...When I complained to Bernie after I saw this picutre that he took...about the "bucket" being missed, he meanly said to me,."Well it was either THAT or chopping off your head!
    NOT nice!!........PP Terry