Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Journeying Together

From the excellent response I've had to my PILGRIM PALS post, it seems that my suggested name for my "blogging buddies" has been well accepted.

Terry is a bit disillusioned because she calls me the Boss. Terry, I'm just another pilgrim who is struggling along the path, encouraged by the love and prayers of my fellow pilgrims. Thanks so much for the blessing of your comments, Terry. You are such an encouragement!

Susan Bunts (pictured) posted an affirming anniversary message on her site, Susan's Blog, where she talked about the impact that Terry and I have had on her life since she started blogging. Susan has been blogging for two years now! CONGRATULATIONS, my friend!

It's a privilege to lift up fellow pilgrims and I'm blessed to have such wonderful companions on the journey. It's truly a joy to blog, knowing that others are blessed by our words.

Let's spur one another on to good works, my friends! Leave affirming comments when your Pilgrim Pals write meaningful posts.

Let's trust God to do great things through our blogs. We can never tell what the Lord might do through our words of encouragement.

Keep blogging my friends and be sure to lift up Jesus because when we do...He will draw others to Himself.


  1. Dearest David...there you go again...encouraging others...and building them up in faith. Thank you dear one. Ever so glad to be on the narrow path that leads to salvation with my Pilgrim Pals.

    Thanks much...and I pray many, many blessings in Christ for you.


  2. Everybody needs a leader PP Fisher!!
    Now here you have mentioned Susan's anniversary and here I went and missed it and here I go and wish her a happy one!!'
    See what I mean "boss"!!
    I will meet you half way here by putting insead of a capital "B", a small oner!!
    There you go!...from Pilgrim Pal Terry

  3. Nothing like an encouraging word to keep me blogging. Thanks Pilgrim