Sunday, May 13, 2007

10 Insignificant Insights

On this Mother's Day Sunday I'm sharing 10 Insignificant Insights about the Pilgrim with you. These are some of the lesser known or, 'til now, completely unknown facts about me. After reading these, please comment on what you've learned. Perhaps it will help me to understand myself. Now that's a challenge...not only for you to comment but for me to understand myself. 'Nuf said.

Here they are:

  1. I could sit and enjoy a Southern Gospel concert for hours on end. I'm always disappointed when they're over. It's always too early in the evening. I wish All-Night Sings were what they purport to be...All-Night Sings.
  2. Baseball can get awfully boring but I never tire of watching a hockey game. They end too soon, except when the Senators or the Petes are trying to maintain a 1 goal lead. Then I want them to get over with........FAST!
  3. There are certain old hymns which thrill me every time I hear them. I can't get enough of them. Some of them are...Grace Greater Than Our Sin, Blessed Assurance, To God Be the Glory and There is a Fountain.
  4. Walking in the field behind our home is one of the most relaxing things I could possibly do. I just love it back there.
  5. I love browsing in certain stores and could spend hours in them. Some of my favorites are Marshalls, T. J. Maxx and Winners.
  6. When I buy a cloth-bound book (hardcover) I take the dust jacket off and inspect the binding, the lettering on the spine and the font that was used by the printer/binder. There's so much personality in a book that the average reader doesn't even notice. have you ever sniffed a new book? I'm strange aren't I!
  7. I take my coffee black and when asked if I want it "double-cupped" I always decline. Part of the pleasure of drinking coffee is the warmth it gives my hands. Wierd?
  8. Looking back, one of the finest moments in a church was when J. Sidlow Baxter was preaching at The Peoples Church in Toronto. He left the pulpit to go down to the grand piano to play and sing a song. Powerful!!!
  9. I begin to relax just thinking about Sunday afternoons. I has always been a time to slow down. For 29 seasons I was the chapel leader for the Toronto Blue Jays and it was always relaxing just to get in the car following the chapels and head for home. Today was no exception as the boys and I spent some good time together.
  10. For some strange reason I enjoy lists and "memes" as these things are called in the blogging world. So there you have it! Another list from the Pilgrim with some new, insignificant insights.
Well, actually, some of them have some significance...I think. What about you? What can you tell your readers about YOU?


  1. Dear David...I love Southern Gospel Concerts too and you are right...They end way too soon!
    What I can't understand for the life of me is why, after the concert, people just hurry out!
    Betty and I and Bernie are usually the last ones to leave.
    I just love to hang around and talk to the singers!!
    And take their pictures!
    And get their autographs!
    What else that I can't understand is why Canadians almost need dynamite under their seats in order for them to give a standing ovation!!

    Hockey...I never watch it, but when we were kids and there were only six teams, we HAD to watch it because that is what Dad had on every Saturday evening.
    It used to really annoy Betty and me because we wanted to watch Shirley Temple Black's Story Book Hour", but I guess hockey was better than nothing.
    My favorite team was Chicago Black Hawks!

    My favorite hymn is "There Is A Fountain".
    I also love, " I'm Only a Sinner Saved By Grace" and "Jesus My Shepherd To Bethlehem Came".

    I love going into book stores..
    You HAVE to spend hours in them or you won't find anything!
    I love the smell of an old book store.
    For sure and books DO have a personality.
    It really irks me when people bend the pages in to save a spot, or when you find a good book and someone has ripped out the last page!!Grrr...

    Oh David...I must say that I like our Macdonalds' coffee but I DO prefer Tim Hortons when it is served in the glass mug!
    I like the smell of coffee when you go into a place where it is brewing!
    So homey!

    One of my finest moments in church is when in 1967, I discoverd that even though I was the lost prodigal that Jesus was willing to take me in!!
    How amazing can THAT be??

    Good post as usual David Fisher!!
    What would we we do without you?..From Terry

  2. Oh David...I do so like this list. Insignificant maybe...but they sure can brighten our days.

    I wish I could join you and Terry at an all night sign...but please may Greater Vision be there. My very favorite group. One day...I'd love to do the Charles Stanley cruise.

    My favorite hymn...Amazing Grace. I can never sing it without crying.

    Now what do you like shopping for at those favorite shops? You've got me curious!

    I do like the warmth of coffee a tea latte from Coffee Bean. But mostly I love the smell. How about a blueberry tea or lavender mint. Yum...with soy milk of course.

    The place where I relax is at church. When I see the cross on the hill as I drive along the street...and then going up the hill. I can feel my stress melting away. To breath in the cool night air...after Bible study...I think it's a little preview of heaven.

    Blessings David! By the way...pardon my blogging ignorance. But what is a MEMES? What does it stand for or mean?

  3. Dear Susan, my kindred spirit..
    You would get along very well with my sister , Sandra...She just LOVES her soy milk!
    I love to have my coffee with whipping cream, although I have to settle for 12% at the Macs or 18% at "Timmys' [the odd time that Betty drags us to Tim Hortons, HER favorite coffee shop].

    Maybe I should get out of here and go and visit you at your own blog, Susan
    It is just that I am on the lazy side and I quite often use our Chief Pigrim Pal,David's blog for a sounding board.

    That guy is a man of many Terry

    Oh by the way "Good Morning David Fisher... Pilgrim David... Barnabas... "Fish"... "Squish the Fish"... Boss... and NOW Chief Pilgrim Pal", leader of the Fisher Connection!
    Did you ever tell Hebrews 11:1 about your twin brother?
    I wonder if HE has that many names!!...from Terry

  4. What twin brother??!

    I'll post here later...gotta run now.

  5. Hey Pilgrim Pal Hebrews 11:1....

    For sure PP Fish DOES have a twin brother!

    Now you know me by now.
    I just love letting all kinds of cats out of the bag.
    Not only does he have a twin, but he has a triplet too!

    His twin brother, Wilber can be found on the Boss's July 17. 2006 post and his triplet who bears a better likness to our own "Fish" is on Mr. Fisher's July 19, 2006 post.
    For some reason, David hasn't told us his triplet's name.
    I think he must be the black sheep of the family or something!
    ...Mrs Terry S..senior Pilgrim Pal

  6. Thanks for letting the cat(s) out of the bag, Mrs. Shirkie!

    I have a little time now, so I might as well write a bit about myself for much as I can while staying anonymous...
    Hockey--I like the TB Lightning best because they have 2 local boys on their team, but the Habs are also a favorite...anyway, I pray for them all the same :)
    Music has to be old stuff like the old Hosanna/Integrity music in the late 80's, early 90's; also like Marty Goetz, Fernando Ortega, Heritage Ministries, I'm sure there's more I just can't remember right now; positive country music (nothing with beer/drinking, and lovesongs are not to my taste, either).
    Hymns: "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" (I really like playing that on the piano--there's another thing I like doing), "Be Thou My Vision"
    Favorite Contemporary Songs: "Faith, Faith, Faith, Just a Little Bit of Faith", "How Deep a Father's Love", and "Nothing Without You"
    I could spend hours in Christian book stores, as well as thrift shops...I look for hockey equipment at the latter to re-sell at Play it Again Sports and make a little extra!
    Ottawa is my favorite Canadian city outside of Montreal, and we always eat at Kelseys...and tour Parliament for the zillionth time (it never grow old, and I always forget how many MP's there are totak, and how many flags you can see from the Peace Tower!) My little sister is sure we'll run into the Pilgrim there one day...
    My favorite Christian experience had to be last night at my first-ever Christian conference, where I saw the Power of God at work in peole like I've never seen it. We serve an awesome God!

  7. Mr. Fisher--I guess this is what happens when you are in Ottawa...did you see what Terry wrote?! She said you have a triplet brother pictured on July 19, 2006!!! I am in utter shock...what kind of friend is she?! Okay, don't worry, I'm laughing so hard, even if it isn't 100% funny ;-) At least she got me to look through the posts I've never read...
    the Little Pilgrim Pal, Hebrews 11:1