Monday, May 21, 2007

Time With the Boys

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent some quality time with Matthew, Nathan and their friend Alex today. It's a holiday here in Canada, Victoria Day. We went for a drive from our home in Cavan down towards Lake Ontario. Here are a few shots that I took. It's amazing how useful the 12X zoom is on my Sony digital. You can even read the registration numbers on the sailboats out in Lake Ontario. You'll notice that I had my ever-present book in hand while I was sitting on a lookout near Garden Hill, Ontario. The boys were looking for a treasure box that had been hidden in this area. Have you ever heard of Geo-Caching? We had a great time but I was glad to get home and lay down for awhile. This ol' man was getting a little sore.
Note: For more on Geo-caching check out:


  1. As I am looking at your beautiful pictures and reading your post Pilgrim Pal David, I am working on Grampa Yade's CD stories.
    Right now I am printing out the disc centres to "Tug Of War".
    This story is the sequel to "Christy's Old Organ".
    I find that I have been shirking my duty lately because I promised that I would be sending the set to your boys and to my kindred spirit, Susan Walker.
    Poor Julie!
    It took months before I finally sent her little princess a set!
    I am sometimes one big procrastinator!

    Well catch you in a bit...from PP Terry

  2. Wow...12x zoom...we have a 10x zoom, but it's not a Sony, it's a Canon. I am always admiring photos on the web, but then am reminded that photos can look great on the computer, but terrible in print. I work with photography a lot, and my photos are printed! I'm about to upgrade my software, and then I'll be REALLY busy. So, if you don't see my comments anywhere, it's not because I disappeared off the face of cyberspace, but because I've got lots of work on my hands, which is a good thing!

    Mr. Fisher--it looks like you had a great day with those boys. Hope you all enjoyed your day. I spent some quality time gardening...very relaxing.

  3. sounds like you had a good time with the boys!
    thanks for sharing the pictures!

    here a good book for ya to check out , if I haven't told you already


    hope you are feeling better!