Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pilgrim Pal Graduates With Honours

One of our faithful Pilgrim Pals, Lauren-Mary, graduated from university recently with honours. Today she posted her grad picture on her site, Lauren's Life. Many of us prayed for Lauren-Mary as she studied for her finals and we thank God for answered prayer. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism. One of these days we'll read an interview with Mike Fisher, conducted by our Pilgrim Pal. She is a real Ottawa Senators fan and recently enjoyed a game at the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, her hometown.

Have a great summer, Lauren-Mary, and keep us posted!

Lots of love from all your Pilgrim Pals. I know that Terry, the Canadian Blogger, will be excited that you graduated with honours.
Check out Lauren's Life at:



  1. Oh that is so nice Pilrgim Pal David!!
    We have prayed for her and waited for this day!

    It is such a nice picture of her!

    She is just starting out in her new life!!

    She will excel in everything she sets out to do because she always has the Lord before her and she puts Him first!

    I am really happy for her!!
    After all she IS part of the family and belongs to the Fisher Connection,eh?....from Pilgrim Pal, Terry

    CONGRATULATIONS Lauren-mary!! We love you!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! And THANK YOU again for all of your prayers and support.
    And maybe one day I will have the chance to interview Mike!

    And Terry, thanks to you too of course!