Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Even More "Fish" Stuff

This morning I found this post while digging through the Pilgrim Scribblings archives. Any "new" information is colored in "red". Maybe you already know too much about the Pilgrim but, just in case, here's more:

More "stuff" about "Fish"... revised May 9th, 2007

1. When you're stressed out, what do you do to relieve your stress?
Go for a drive, blog, read the newspaper or kick an empty cardboard box.

2. Are you normally a patient person, or is patience NOT one of your virtues?
I'm very impatient, contrary to what others think.

I'm finding that I'm getting even more impatient as I grow older.

3. How many times a week do you blog?
I guess I'd write about 12-15 posts per week

4. How many memes a week do you participate in?
Usually none. Actually what's the definition of a meme? Is this a meme that I'm doing now?

5. Describe the perfect day, weather-wise.
Not a cloud in the sky. About 75 degrees F. Of course if I'm sitting by a lake or a stream the conditions can be less that ideal and I'll still have a great time.

6. Would you rather be too hot, or too cold?
Too cold - you can always put on more clothes.

7. Do you eat out often, and if so, what type of restaurants do you frequent?
It depends what country we're in. If it's the U.S. I'd eat at Cracker Barrel, Bob Evans or Applebee's. In Canada it's Swiss Chalet, Kelsey's or A & W. I love the chips and salsa at Chili's.

8. If you could run your own business, what type of business would it be?
No brainer! A Christian book store. I owned one for 15 years. A close second would be a small Christian retreat centre for pastors and Christian workers...beside a lake of course.

9. If you wrote a book, what would the title/topic be?
"Taking the Bumpy Road Home". A follow-up would be "Still Lots of Bumps..."

10. What's the first question you'll ask Jesus?
Why did you love me so much in spite of my sin?

I don't think there'll be time for questions...just worship and wonder.

More new stuff:

The Toronto Star often interviews athletes or public figures and there are some standard questions. Here are my answers...if they asked me:

11. Wine or beer? Neither, I don't drink alcoholic beverages

12. Briefs or boxers? None of your business. Well, if you really want to know...briefs, but the kind with a short leg on them.

12. Sports car or SUV? Just a 4-door sedan or a mini-van.

13. Favorite home-cooked meal: Roast beef, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, lemon meringue (sp?) pie

14. If you could sit down with anyone, dead or alive, and speak with them, who would it be? Jesus Christ or George Muller.

15. What's in your CD player? A Greater Vision CD


  1. Nice fresh look to your blog! What font did you use for the titles, by the way? I work with graphics and fonts a lot, and I like the style.

  2. LOL! I love the chips and salsa at Chilis too! Plus, we often get the chicken fajita nachos and it turns out to be a cheap date! ;)

    Blessings my friend!

  3. I like your new look too David.

    I am trying to get caught up on
    your posts.

    I will try and answer these questions as far as I am concerned.
    I think I might not like some of the answers if I tell the truth but here goes!

    1. When I am stressed out, I usually check on David Fisher's blog or Mrs. Mac's to see what is happening in their neck of the woods, or I will phone Grampa Yade and give him an earful of complaining!
    And if THAT doesn't work, I will go to Jel's and Saija's and see what scripture verses they have on their sites!
    Always a big help!

    Hmm..Kicking an empty cardboard box sounds very interesting!..Maybe next time!

    2. I am not bragging but I am usually a patient person except when I have to get somewhere fast and I hit EVERY red light that I can posssibly hit and then maybe even have to stop and wait for a bridge to come down on the Welland Canal!
    Then?.. "Flee away any patience that I THOUGHT I had!"

    3. I am very lazy when it comes to blogging.
    At the MOST about three times a week.
    At the LEAST one time a week!
    It would even be less but I want to keep the Pilgrim off my back, so I better at least do ONE.
    I mean look at the way he treats poor Brodie!

    4. Isn't THIS a meme David Fisher, except I am that I using YOUR comment section to participate in?
    I am going to do the same thing at the Pilot's-Mom when I ger caught up on a few of my other blogging buddies posts.[I am a week behind!]
    I have done memes on Sioux Sue's, Night Owl's, and Flip Flops a couple of times..

    5. The perfect weather day would be at least 85 degrees with the sun shining between the few clouds that I would like to see!

    6. I would rather be too hot.
    You can always dowse yourself in cold water and then when THAT makes you too cold, you can cover up with a nice warm blanket and lay down and fall asleep!
    ANYTIME I can sleep!!

    7. We rarely eat out.
    We DO go for coffee everyday to Macdonalds'.
    If we do eat out, we go to Zellers for their early bird breakfast.
    On occasion, we will treat the whoe family to the Mandarin Chinese restaurant...Lots of fun!!
    And those Chinese kids love to have their pictures taken, and they always accept the John 3:16 fridge magnets.
    The next time when we go in, I always have a package of pictures for them!

    8. Hey David...Maybe three of us could go in together with that Christian book store business.
    We coud ask Hebrews 11:1 to be the junior partner, eh?
    What say?
    And we could hire our own Saija to be the book keeper!!

    9. If I wrote a book, I would love to write "True Stories In The Life Of A Senior Care Nurse".
    It would be a best seller!!
    I have LOTS of tales!!
    I would have a WHOLE chapter about YOU David Fisher!!

    You and your "Fish Stories"..
    Ya' know what I mean, eh?.."Believe It Or Not?"

    10. When I first meet Jesus, I will ask Him, "Why did you choose me to be saved when there are millions who didn't get saved?"

    It is such a wonder to me David, how many chances He gave to me before I finally accepted Him.
    This will always be a mystery to me!

    11. I don't drink alcohol beverages either David.
    We were so fortunate in our childhood that although my dad drank, he respected mom so much that he was never brought it into the house.
    If he had of, who knows what the kids might of done?

    I love Pepsi,Cream Soda and Orange Crush!!

    12. Ha!!
    Although I have a boy's name, I am a girl!

    What a rude question..asking you what kind of gotchees you wore!! You are right David! "None of their bees wax!!!"

    12. Hmm.. Two 12's but that's alrignt!
    I have a four door grand am...
    All I know is that it has a steering wheel and four tires.
    I really don't know if it is a sedan or not.
    I just call it my little red car!

    13. My most favorite meal is spaghetti and meat balls.
    When I make it, I make a great big pot of it with my own home made sauce.
    Then I eat it for supper, lunch AND fried for breakfast!!
    With lots of hot peppers spinkled on it!
    Very bad on my weight but SO delicious!!
    Good thing I am not a sweet tooth! Don't like pie or cakes or cookies!!
    WAY good thing!

    14. I would like to sit down with Jesus and Jake Hess.
    We used to phone Jake Hess and he was always so nice to talk to.
    I would like ot talk to Charles Spurgeon too.
    But we will have the chance to talk to everybody David.
    We have eternity, a NEVER ending eternity!!!!

    15. I have a Grampa Yade Story in my Cd Player but quite often I would have a Greater Vision too. or Kingsmen Quarte CD.

    Catch you later David!! I have miles to go before I sleep!...From Terry