Friday, May 18, 2007

Unequaled Greatness

Yesterday our Program Manager at Christian Horizons read Psalm 150 from the New Living Translation during the devotional time at our team meeting.

One particular phrase caught my attention. It was "Unequalled Greatness". Verse 2 reads, "Praise him for his mighty works; praise his unequaled greatness!" The NIV renders it this way, "Praise him for his surpassing greatness." The English Standard Version refers to "his excellent greatness!" and The Message speaks of "his magnificent greatness!"

So, regardless of which version you use, God is great and His greatness far exceeds anything else we can possibly imagine.

His unequaled greatness...
His surpassing greatness...
His excellent greatness...
His magnificent greatness...

No wonder the hymn writer penned these words:

"Praise Him, Praise Him,
Tell of His excellent greatness;
Praise Him, Praise Him,
Ever in joyful song."

Let's declare His greatness to a world that measures greatness by the number of CD's sold by a musical artist, the goals scored by an athlete or the businesses owned by a billionaire.

God's greatness far surpasses any other and we have much to praise Him for!


  1. What an encouraging post (as usual)! I found it interesting that just this morning, I was alone at home to get some work taken care of, and I was praising God for His Goodness and thanking Him for what He has done...then I thought I'd check out your blog before I got to the harder work ahead of me today, and here was a similiar thought to mine for the day! Isn't God amazing??!

  2. What a great word for us today. How long have you worked for Christian Horizons? I am going to school to work with people who are disabled and I have always wanted to work there. What has your experience been like? You said that you have been to my church, when were you there? Most people have never heard of Wainfleet let alone been there! It is a wonderful place though. Hope you have a wonderful day.