Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Further to my previous posting, here is more green! I posted this photo here on Pilgrim Scribblings two years ago. The photo came from Saija at Thro' A Glass Darkly. Thanks for the green, my friend!


  1. Green AND blue Pilgrim..Just glorious!!
    Sucn a nice picture by Saija.
    What a jewel she is, eh David?..from Terry

  2. What a beautiful picture!
    I've been without Internet for 2 weeks, so I've fallen way behind on my readings, but it looks like I've missed a lot of great entries! I'll have to sit down in the next few days and catch up.

    As a graduation present, someone gave me ice-level playoff tickets for Wednesday's game, so I'll be sure to cheer extra loudly for "Little Fish"!


  3. It almost looks like a painting, it is just so vibrant! WOW!

    Lauren-Mary --I was wondering where you've been. I'm now familiar with most of the frequent commentators names sice I first started reading here a few months ago, and I've noriced you've beem missing lately. My little sister will be so jealous when I tell her that you'll at ice-level for tonight game!

  4. i had forgotten this pic - form the daily bread calendar - isn't it great! a peaceful image to be sure!

    blessings on you!